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  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月30日 08:14
  • 英語 | 雑記

I'll write later.





Sleepiness I had this morning was so serious and too strong to resist.

So, I slept with my head on a desk.


There are nothing specials to say.



My laptop computer have back button and proceed button under the Enter button, side of arrow key.

Because of that, I often type those button mistakenly and all of sentences I wrote clear without my intent.

To prevent that tragedy, I save sentence along the way.

LIke this


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月29日 07:55
  • 英語 | 雑記

A month and a half ago, I lost my confidence.

I got pain of loss.Because I'm still young.

I have begun to get a drink every night.

But gradually, I have been back to normal.


"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me. "

This is a maxim of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I really sympathize with and am impressd with that line.

It was feeling that I felt.

Though here are actually no enemies for me, daily life have taken a toll on my mind.


I appreciate those adversity.

It must make my soul grow, be contribute to my growth.




Today, I have a practice of basketball.

But because of domestic lecture class, I can't go.

Japanese people are inclined to value harmony with other people in office than what you really want to do.

To be honest, that class is some kind of waste of time.

It's about Vmware, but too easy for me.

Well, I want to got overtime money, So it's ok.



Yesterday was busy day. And today will be busy day too.

I have to adjust borrowing equipment to verify trouble and address the root cause of trouble.

That's my job.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月28日 07:46
  • 英語 | 雑記

I often watch movie on DVD after work.

Everynight I told me that this is a study of English.

If I could, I would display both English and Japanese captions same time.

English subtitiles really help me to understand conversation in English.

If there were no caption, probably I only could figure half of contents out.


Last night I see The King's Speech.

The story developed coolly and have a detached tone.

I think it won several Academy Awards.

Some critics says the movie distort history.

And I saw some reviews that say the depiction about stammer is totally wrong.

But I don't know well about both history of England and stammer, I can't judge whether criticisms are valid or not.


Anyway I watch that movie to the halfway point.

I am goint to watch the rest of movie.



Everyday I hit the sack by midnight.And I usually wake up at 6 AM.

I always try to secure 6 hours of sleep.

I also succeed that this moring. But I'm sleepy now.

6 hours is not enough to me to work well without daytime nap.

Without nap, I will be at risk of nodding off....


fear the worst

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月27日 07:40
  • 雑記

I got stung on my mid finger by bee on Sunday.

It fairly swelled up, but the swelling is reduced after a few hours.So, I was relieved.


However, the swelling was recurred yesterday.

And it continued and still persisted today.It make me feel uneasy and unrest.

Moreover, I couldn't sleep well last night maybe due to the pain and odd feelings of swelling.

I plan to research about swellings by bee, as soon as I finished writing diary.


Yesterday is same Monday as usual.

So, there are no updates and something different.

I got home at 10:30 PM, drunk scotch, read some comic book, tweeted little, called it a day and went to bed.


I have to organize my schedule and make myself clear, because  I will spend busy weekends on October,

The 4th weekend of Oct is only days that I can rest completely.

I need some rests and breaths to think about myself.

As the saying goes, fall night is long.

Those nights will be suited for deep comtemplation.

muscle pain

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月26日 07:46
  • 旅行 | 英語

I went to YAMANAKAKO last weeknend.

We enjoyed fine weather.The sun was warm, but wind was cool.

Thus, the day was suitable for sports.

First day, we played basketball 4 hours!

And arm-wrestling tournament are held. Three-point and free-throw tournament are also done.


After those events, We hosted a charity auction.

Each of us must bring some items for auction.

A portion of sales will be donated to Red Cross for the cost of healthcare for girl who live in Republic of Uganda.

And rest of them will fill budget gap.


This year, there are large numbers of participant than previous years.

Therefore the numbers of auction items are large too.

It took a long time to finish the auction and put the start time of real banquet.

Anyway, we had a good drink till 2 AM.


Second day we played tennis.Tennis is really difficult for me.

I can't hit a ball back well...


We concerned about about huge traffic congestion, because the day when we came home was final day of three day weekend.

Although there are some traffic jam caused by accidents, we can go back home smoothly.


And I feel pain in reg muscle today.

I had fun.







not quit easily

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月23日 15:45
  • 英語

I almost forgot about keeping diary.


Today is japanese public holiday and I am still drunk from last night and woozy.

I had to go hair salon today.But I forgot to call that hair salon to book.

I think the things you forget are not so important. Forgetting something itself proves that the things is trivial.

Anyway, I can rest and unstrain today.


My friend living in OSAKA come back TOKYO tonight.

We intend to get together and drunk.

Unfortunately, I am going to training camp tommorow.

Therefore I have to get up early. I must go GOTANDA at 7 AM.

That is going to be great.


For auction event of training camp, I find electronic dictionary.

( I learned that "electronic" is appropriate. At the beginning, I wrote electric dictionary.)

After I got iPhone, I can look up the meaning with my iPhone. 

I can't find instruction, but it's a minute problem.

We can download that from CASIO's website.


Well, I'll read book.

crowded train

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月22日 07:42
  • 英語

As I and weather report forecast, last night is a tough night.
Hundreds of thousands of people couldn't get on a train, due to train delay.
Rainfall are not so strong, but stormy wind are strong and persistent.


We wait till 8 PM to go home.
Then we planned to go to drinking place in SHINAGAWA, but all of shops are full.
So we gave up to drink and go to station.
Despite that deliberate putting off, SHINAGAWA station deadly packed .
I should have waited a hour more.

Aside from that, I was assigned to training yesterday.
The training that called critical thinking training are supposed to be attend by management employee and some senior employee that are got referral or recommendation from general manager.
In my case, I handled and facilitated company forum two month ago. And I acted as host.
So our board members nominate me.

The trainings will be took place three times and all of that are on Saturday.
Now I go to Berlitz  every Saturday 11.
Iif things keeping up, I have to be absent three times.

But the contract between I and Berlitz is good until end of October.
So I plan to renew my contract and change my date when I attend class.
Just maybe.


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月21日 08:08
  • 英語 | 雑記

Yesterday I went to GOTANDA and met with basketball friends.

Bcause of impending basketball GASSHUKU or training camp, we need to set up steering commitee.

I'm relatively newcomer, but I've been accepted well. So some chores are assinged to me.

It is pleasure for me.


After meetings, we drunk hard.

I guzzled a lot of red wine. Therefore, I felt like taking half-day off morning.

But when i begun preparing to send Email about half-day off , I suddenly found that typhoon is coming.

This typhoon is really big. Some parts of japan are incredibly in danger.

If I take a half day off, I would not be able togo my office.

Thus I've changed my mind and came to workplace.


Wind and rain is likely to gain strengh gradually.

It worried me whether I can go home after finish time.


Anyway, this week have two public holiday.

I will enjoy traning camp at YAMANAKAKO.

I must be fun.For one thing, I can play basketball.


to lose weight

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月20日 07:53
  • 英語

( I wrote a lot of line, but I mistakenly control my browser and lost all texts...)


I've learned English 4 years.

I can have improved my English a little bit.

Especially about listening and reading skills.

But I have no opportunity that talk or write in English in daily life.

So my Enlighs skills to output seem hit a peak.


Trying to change this situation, I made up my mind to keep diary in English.

Keeping diary in another language is really bother.

But I guss this is most effective way to make my English outputing good.


As of now, I use Movable Type that placed on my website.

I plan to rethink the tool what I use.


This determination is one of my important things.

But I have to continue to try to lose my weight.

Those are issues of will.

I believe I'm good at address those issues. And I want to prove that.


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