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crowded train

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  • 2011年9月22日 07:42
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As I and weather report forecast, last night is a tough night.
Hundreds of thousands of people couldn't get on a train, due to train delay.
Rainfall are not so strong, but stormy wind are strong and persistent.


We wait till 8 PM to go home.
Then we planned to go to drinking place in SHINAGAWA, but all of shops are full.
So we gave up to drink and go to station.
Despite that deliberate putting off, SHINAGAWA station deadly packed .
I should have waited a hour more.

Aside from that, I was assigned to training yesterday.
The training that called critical thinking training are supposed to be attend by management employee and some senior employee that are got referral or recommendation from general manager.
In my case, I handled and facilitated company forum two month ago. And I acted as host.
So our board members nominate me.

The trainings will be took place three times and all of that are on Saturday.
Now I go to Berlitz  every Saturday 11.
Iif things keeping up, I have to be absent three times.

But the contract between I and Berlitz is good until end of October.
So I plan to renew my contract and change my date when I attend class.
Just maybe.


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