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idle period

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月31日 07:49
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I slept well.

I went to bed 9 PM yesterday.



I haven't finished my asignment for job traninng course yet.

I really need to comlete it.

I have basketball practice tomorrow, and the next day I am booked for going OutbackSteakHouse with my junior.

And this Thrusday is a public holiday and I will go to basketball practice again.

So I am short of time.


Routine work is not evaluated by our company.

Thus I have no reason to do those work with heart and soul.

That's the reason I plan to clear asignment up today.



I met with people of Twitter on Saturday.

And we ate grilled meat.and had fun.


And after that, I drop by bar in Kamata to open up a new drinking place.

It's uncommon for me.

But I felt like drinking more that night.

When I enter the bar, live of modern jass was almost starting.

At the first, I don't care about that and I was just drinking.

After a while, master of the bar caught my eye by chance and he offer me listening.

I listend rest of concert and It was good.

I would like to go to the bar again.




焼肉 or ホルモン焼き is very famous in japan.

But when I describe those word in English, I always get perplexed and puzzled by difficulty of choosing words.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月28日 07:42

I'm too sleepy.

So I'll write later.

leave a ball

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月27日 08:03
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Last Sunday, I leave my basket ball at gym,

So, I plan to go basketball practice that hosted at the gym.

But for past two days and today, I have a lot to do at office.

So, I'm not sure whether I can go practice or not.

If I can't, I will order new ball.

I can give up tha ball, as if I donate that ball to someone.

( つもりで is difficult word for translation.)


As to busy work, I have to do some operations from 0 AM to 1 AM.

But i want to be able to go home, so I do it in my home by remote work.

If I can, I want to do verification at 4AM, but I was impossible.

If I'm forced to do that, I will be not able to work well today.



This is some sort of dirty story,

Last weekend I ate a ton of meat, and I became constipation.

If you love meat, watch out for amout of meat that you eat.





It's getting cold these days.

I feel chill when I only wear a suit.

I should prepare coat.

I abhor freezing.




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  • 2011年10月26日 07:49
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I have to do some chores.

Yesterday I got two notice of absence from carrying company.

Direct translation is difficult.

It say we were here to deliver your goods, but you are absent.

So I need to ask them to deliver it again.

The items are earbud and some books.


And end of this year is coming.

So some friends invite me to join year-end party.

I have to text them to reply.

Some offers are not appealing to me.

So I will lie to some friend to decline invitation.


I need to input those event or schedule into my scheduler.

It'll be bothered.



I want to join another division that doesn't comprise immature person.

I hate a team consisting of childish people 

.Always mature person incur a loss due to doing of immature person.




I had trouble making environment of network verification.

So, I prepared to work all night long yesterday.

But I somehow do enough work to get home.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月25日 07:46
  • 英語 | 雑記

These days, I got involved in sort of creative work.

I joined editrial team of company magazine.

And I have to put a idea of story or contents.

As for usual tasks, our manager want us to release our result of verification to whole our company.


Just showing them our result is easy.

The important thing is what and how we show the result.

And the actions in response to those results are most important.

My co-worker are not good at coming up with good ideas.

I'm also not great with generating ideas.

Difference between me and them is I'll challenge and they won't.


I love challanging environment.

But everyone can adjust themselves to do something.

And then, the thing will become boring.

I couldn't endure that habituation.

I don't want to suffer weariness.


So, I did a search on google about Working Holiday and English school in another country.

I will try to consider my future.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月24日 07:57
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I renewed my contract of Berliz.

It's a six-month period.

After that, I will reconsider my path of studying.

I need to change myself continuously.This diary itself is change of way of studying.

I am 28 years old. I'm not young anymore. I no longer have extra time to do something.


I love challenging things.

But fighiting with someone or something is tough and painful.

It includes risk of my health.

I have to try to be circumspect and avoid to do what can't be done.

I must not go out of my way and evade impossible things.

It's a matter of balance.




Last class of Berliz was a little frustrating.

The teacher looked shy and she didn't ask us so much.

She is supposed to be professional.

She should spark conversation among us.


Student should set a mood for vibrant conversation too.

But we can't explain complex things yet.

We don't have enough knowledge to speak about complicating things in English.

We have to change our way of thinking to express in English.


Though being simple is important, but sometimes it is very difficult.

When even direct translating can't be done, we can't do anything.

よろしくお願いします is very difficult to translate into English.

I translated it as "I hope our connection will continue."

I looked in dictionary a little while ago, it says "Thank you for your continued help." or "I'm looking forward to doing business with you,"

But the usage depends on circumstances.

In any case, I have to study more expression and memorize a ton of words.




Yesterday, I left my ball at gym,

 I will attend same basketball practice Saturday.

But it will be lost by some chance.




no idea

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月22日 09:08
  • 英語

Today, I attend 2 English class.

From 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.

Usually, teachers ask us about recent event first.

But I have no idea what I tell them.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月21日 08:17
  • 雑記

I wrote about this topic yesterday.

But I forgot save it.

So I'll rewrite.


Few days ago, I am told that you must referee for official basketball game.

It's a some kind of words , or fighting words.

So, I pay tit for tat and I will be judge for next spring match.

But I dislike judging. If you hesitate to judge, player may strongly blame you for hesitating or wrong judge.

It's a disgusting, especially for soft man.


Anyway, I order three books about basket ball judging.

And I have to buy to more books, rulebook and officials manual.

It's painful for me to referee, but I always choose difficult process.

After all anyone didn't die from those things.




Actually alcohole have effects that make people feel down.

Twy days ago, I have strong hangover.

And I have several challenge to overcome thesedays.

So, I got depressd so much.


I have to do asignment for business training, learn about judging of basketball, conceive of the idea of company jounal, do working, improve my basketball ability, and study English.

Certification of linux will be exipre on Feb 2012.

Usually I can keep positive thinking and be superior about that.

But day before yesterday and yesterday are different.

I had some frustration.


Finally I can recover. And I reflect on all of that.




As of  next month, I've been working for our company two years.

It may be some kind of turning point.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月20日 07:58
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I took a leave from work yesterday.

To tell you the truth, I had a horrible hangover.So, I couldn't go office.

I have done such a thing for the first time in a long time.

I can't remember when I get off work due to hangover.

I really feel down and get depressed about it.

I guess a part of it resulted from bad shape of hangover.


I wrote more but I forgot save again.

MT is shit


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月18日 07:49
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These days I consider joining new basketball team.

Now our team have a practice at night usually on every Thursday or Friday.

But weekday night is valuable time to sleep enough or do something.

So, I want to play basketball Sunday evening.


I try to search recruiting of teammate on Mixi.

But there are a few offers in my region.

Yokohama is a little bit far.

Because this kind of whim is uncommon for me, I would really like to play basketball at nearby gyms.

At Kawasaki or Kamata is better.

I will try to keep looking for. Basketball is fun and, you know, it really helps in losing weight.

( I erase some sentences by mistakenly proceeding pages again...)



I will join training three times during the rest of the year. ( and every class are on Saturday...)

It's about logical approach to problem.

The text say that we must garner correct information about situation first.

And on the basis of that data, we should claim a solution.

It's a common thought and there are nothing special.

But it's pretty difficult when you actually do that.


I have to complete some assingment before the day I attend.

One of that is report about starbuck that plan to joinning market of standing coffee shop.

All of conditions and information are virtual.

Bsides of that, there are two more asingment.

I'm not sure I can finish all of my asignment....

wedding reception

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月17日 08:01
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I attended my friends wedding reception on Saturday.

He is also my colleague, and basketball team mate.

It was hearty bridal. The atomosphere and bride speech caused me cry.

He is yonger than me by a year. But he will definitely make a happy familiy.

Bride looks mature and steady person.


Because of festa on last weekend and this wedding, I missed my Enlighs class two consecutive week.

I hsatily reserved two make up lesson.

But I have to book one more make up.

The right of make up lesson is due this month-end.

It can't carry over to next semester.

So, I decided to cancel short trip to Hatsushima on Oct 29.

And I will sign up for new Enligsh class on Oct 22.


This month I spent a lot of money and because of Berlitz, I will spend more next month.

I can hardly wait my cash reward of certification.

It is going to be paid on December.

I continued to join Enlighs class for half year as of end of this month.

I plan to conitue studying another half year,

If that term is over, I probably graduate from Berlitz and find out more cheap way to study English.

Due to my low competence of Enligsh, I dare to choose expensive way to learn.

Therefore, if I can develop my English skill, I would choose more cheap way.



Octobar is busy month for me.

Actually it's not busy, but I feel hurried and unrestful feelings.

If I can, I want to pass more moderate and peaceful time for the rest of this year.

There are many kinds of pressure on me.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.


run out of things to say

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月14日 07:59
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I am out of ideas.

I think I'm not busy, because I have nothing to say about usual day.

I'm bored. I'm sick of doing same things.

I want to be in a situation where there are a feeling of tension.

There are only dul life and I spoil myself.

Tepid water.

Of course, I'm not sure If I am droped into difficult situation and what I can do.

I detest standstill or stepping.

Besides I want to be needed.

This may sounds selfish, but it's a one of few desire of me.



Today is basketball day.

And one of my teammate will get married and hold wedding.

I have to cut my English class again.

So, I should go to Berlliz and reserve some make up lessons.

And my cotract with Berliz is set to expire this month.

I need to renew my contract.

So, my expenditure will be huge this month.





  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月13日 07:58
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Because of long walking at the festa, I got a sunburn.

It's not terrible, but It's not also mild.

I got some rashes on forehead.


I believe suntan will bring me some benefit and blessing.

It may make my looks good.

Some kind of masculinity will no doubt appear,




I plan to join editorial desk of company magazine.

Our bulletin is called "I'll".


Originally, my ex-supervisor invited me half a year ago.

But at that time, I couldn't take offer, because I had another role of planning committee for company forum.

I hosted one of those forum.


Now I finished that task, and my ex-supervisor invited me again a few weeks ago.

I worry about my aptitude for those job.

I bet I don't have adequate ability to make bulletin.

But if there are job that I can contribute, I'm willing to join.

I can meet new company members and will get to know each other.


Thus, I will join drinking party of editorial staff today.

The party will be holded at Shinagawa.

I feel a little nervous about that.

I'm not gregarious or sociable person. ( I often misinterpreted)

performance evaluation

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月12日 07:42
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I have to meet with my supervisor for performance evaluation tomorrow.

The result will affect my bonus.

I'm a hired person. So, I would welcome good evaluation rather than bad one.

But it is different from exam score.

If people evaluate their counterpart, there are no perfect way of evaluate.

I feel empty about that.

For the time being, I attempt to fit in my environment.

But if I got bad evaluation, it would be a good turning point for me.

I want to be part of organization who need me.



I slept for 6 hours, but I got strong drowsiness...

I guess the reason why I'm sleepy is drinking at night.

My inward organs possibly fatigued, because of handling alcohol.



I have two marriage reception to attend and have to pay for English shcool and went back to hometown 2 times.

Definitly I can't put aside any money for the first time in a long time.



English doesn't have convinient word for 久しぶり.

Always I coundn't remember the word in English and I'm botherd.

Also 困る is same as 久しぶり.

I'm bothered or get difficulty or somthing.


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月11日 07:52
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On Saturday and Sunday, Kakegawa city that is my hometown held a festival.

Each 41 local comunity belong to several local shrine, and we cerebrate our happiness and pray for our god.

Although there are many kind of festival in Japan and we love festa, the origin of festival is too old to know about original purpose.

Even local people are not sure about picture of festa, let alone precise fact.

In festivals throughout the country, many prayers are raised for the plentifulness of the fields.

The root of word MATSURI is "Matsuru" in Japanese and "enshrine" in English.

I need to reserach and think about this to explain recent news to our english teacher.


Anyway, I walk to much with float and guzzle a sea of beer and sake.

We woke up at 6 AM, met to prepare float at 7 AM, begin drawing it around between 9 AM and 9 PM.

I was in charge of calling out as loud as i can. Bustling atomosphere is important.

And I'm not sure about rules of festa, because I live in Tokyo normaly.

So, I'm a appropriate person for those kind of role.

I was exhausted and got hoarse,


This year we attend usual festa, but next year will be milestone.

Kakegawa city hold a special fest every 4 years.

It's called OoMaturi.

In that festival, we have addtional day for festa.

Thus, time frame will be extended from 3 days to 4 days.




In these days, I have excessive drinking.

Three concecutive weekend, I attend a drinking party where poeple have chugging likes something of  "Drink up, drink up!" call.

We need some rest.

I feel I always say this phrase.




need to work

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月 7日 07:53

I need to spare time to solve unsolved problem.

damn alteon


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月 6日 07:44
  • 英語 | 雑記

When I think back and look back on my twitter days, I feel nostalgia.

It was good old days.

About 2 years ago, everyone had no connection or a few connection.

Thus, they were eager to get to know each other.

There are no anxiety that friends may ignore you.

Because there are no friends.


Human feelings is interesting.

When people post about something on the internet, all of us long for reply by other people.

If there no reply, people become unhappy and feel a little stress.

More friends there are, more unhappiness they feel.

Humankinds are lonely creature.


So the situation of SNS is changins every seconds.

Twitter and people that use twitter grow old together.

Someday I quit twitter. But I'm not sure about exact time.




By the way, my old colleague in front of me talk to himself too much.

Especially today is nasty.

He come office as early as me.

But he do nothing and sometimes sleep placing his head down on his desk.

I imagine he is forced to wake up early, due to sickness or disorder of sleep.

To be sure, I can feel for him and sympathize him.

But we have no private connection.

We belong to our company to work.

So, too incompetent people only affect our company in a  negative way.

What a pity.

half-day off

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月 5日 06:28
  • 英語 | 雑記

I didn't have enough time to sleep.

So, I'll take a half-day off. Already I sent email message to inform my absent.




I came into work 12:15.

Because I ate Baumkuchen that was hikidemono of my friend wedding on last Saturday as a brunch, I couldn't eat lunch.

So, I felt hungry as early as 4 PM.

I had to suffer starve. Our cafeteria begin night part at 5 PM


I bet I came down with cold. I felt weak and sluggish this morning.

I plan to play basketball tommorow.

Therefore, I need to keep myself warm and get some rest today.


But yesterday I watched latest version of X-men movie partway. ( I'm not sure this usage of partway is correct.)

I was fun and exciting.

I want to watch rest of movie tonight.



Recently I started using perfume named Chic fo men.

Until then, I used Nicole Miller for men.

The difference is stability and strenghth of scent.

Nicole Miller for men is too weak to be noticed by other people.

But I love that fragrance/




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月 4日 07:52
  • 英語 | 雑記

I am inclined to be uninterested in anything.most things.

Those are politics, fashion, society, economy, international affairs, suck kind of things.

I know curiosity and interest are important to motivate myself.

People tend to love those who love one.

If you are uninterested in other people completely, nobody care you.


At any rate, it is me.

Current affiars doesn't really matter to me.


But I want to change situation, got energy to do something and become energetic.

So I plan to use this blog to air my notion out.

If there are any news about which I could talk


For exmaple, it's about economy of Europe.

As to economy, I'm a outisder.

I never know correct answer to current trouble.

But I can feel those events are really serious.The scale is a problem.

And I said I don't know correct answers, I think possibly it apply all of humankind.

Current economy have became too big and too complicated to handle by human.


So I just want to know present situation.

But Japanese mass media don't report world economy so much.

We have to learn.

Some media said Goldman Sachs will cut all of bonus for their employee.

And other financial companies are also in bad condition.

The situation is serious.

busy weekend

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月 3日 07:50
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Last weekend was really busy.

On saturdary, I woke up 8 and went to English class at 10 AM.

Because I missed the class two times brefore, I took a make up lesson and attend another class.

Then I took regular lesson after that.

Due to my busy schedule,I have many sI have a bunch of topic to talk about. So those lessons are fulfilling

Everyone ask me why I am dressed in a suit.

I had to explain the reason time and time again.


I finished all class at 1 PM and headed for Shizuoka.

The day was a weddining ceremony and reception of my old friend.

I ate lunch in haste, since I had to arrive Shizuoka till three-thirty.

As a result I was able to make it on time.


Marriage ceremony and reception is really impressive.

My friend is a basketball player and we have played basketball since we were elementary school student.

At the reception, I was suddenly told that I have to make a brief speech and start a movie letter that we made for him.

It made me feel strain. But somehow I could finished.


After reception, some friends of groom arranged a second party.

We enjoy bingo game. But I didn't get anything.

In the end, we were drinking till 3 AM.



On sunday, Our team had a basketball game at Shibuya.

I moved on to Shibuy from Shizuoka 9 AM.

Bullet train was a little packed.

I could't sit on a seat by the time I got next station.

The game was close game, but we won by 10 point.

I have to try hard to become good at basket ball.


And after that, I go to hair salon.

I couldn't help nodding off.


What a weekend.

I am still sleepy.


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