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busy weekend

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  • 2011年10月 3日 07:50
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Last weekend was really busy.

On saturdary, I woke up 8 and went to English class at 10 AM.

Because I missed the class two times brefore, I took a make up lesson and attend another class.

Then I took regular lesson after that.

Due to my busy schedule,I have many sI have a bunch of topic to talk about. So those lessons are fulfilling

Everyone ask me why I am dressed in a suit.

I had to explain the reason time and time again.


I finished all class at 1 PM and headed for Shizuoka.

The day was a weddining ceremony and reception of my old friend.

I ate lunch in haste, since I had to arrive Shizuoka till three-thirty.

As a result I was able to make it on time.


Marriage ceremony and reception is really impressive.

My friend is a basketball player and we have played basketball since we were elementary school student.

At the reception, I was suddenly told that I have to make a brief speech and start a movie letter that we made for him.

It made me feel strain. But somehow I could finished.


After reception, some friends of groom arranged a second party.

We enjoy bingo game. But I didn't get anything.

In the end, we were drinking till 3 AM.



On sunday, Our team had a basketball game at Shibuya.

I moved on to Shibuy from Shizuoka 9 AM.

Bullet train was a little packed.

I could't sit on a seat by the time I got next station.

The game was close game, but we won by 10 point.

I have to try hard to become good at basket ball.


And after that, I go to hair salon.

I couldn't help nodding off.


What a weekend.

I am still sleepy.



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