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  • 2011年10月11日 07:52
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On Saturday and Sunday, Kakegawa city that is my hometown held a festival.

Each 41 local comunity belong to several local shrine, and we cerebrate our happiness and pray for our god.

Although there are many kind of festival in Japan and we love festa, the origin of festival is too old to know about original purpose.

Even local people are not sure about picture of festa, let alone precise fact.

In festivals throughout the country, many prayers are raised for the plentifulness of the fields.

The root of word MATSURI is "Matsuru" in Japanese and "enshrine" in English.

I need to reserach and think about this to explain recent news to our english teacher.


Anyway, I walk to much with float and guzzle a sea of beer and sake.

We woke up at 6 AM, met to prepare float at 7 AM, begin drawing it around between 9 AM and 9 PM.

I was in charge of calling out as loud as i can. Bustling atomosphere is important.

And I'm not sure about rules of festa, because I live in Tokyo normaly.

So, I'm a appropriate person for those kind of role.

I was exhausted and got hoarse,


This year we attend usual festa, but next year will be milestone.

Kakegawa city hold a special fest every 4 years.

It's called OoMaturi.

In that festival, we have addtional day for festa.

Thus, time frame will be extended from 3 days to 4 days.




In these days, I have excessive drinking.

Three concecutive weekend, I attend a drinking party where poeple have chugging likes something of  "Drink up, drink up!" call.

We need some rest.

I feel I always say this phrase.





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