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wedding reception

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月17日 08:01
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I attended my friends wedding reception on Saturday.

He is also my colleague, and basketball team mate.

It was hearty bridal. The atomosphere and bride speech caused me cry.

He is yonger than me by a year. But he will definitely make a happy familiy.

Bride looks mature and steady person.


Because of festa on last weekend and this wedding, I missed my Enlighs class two consecutive week.

I hsatily reserved two make up lesson.

But I have to book one more make up.

The right of make up lesson is due this month-end.

It can't carry over to next semester.

So, I decided to cancel short trip to Hatsushima on Oct 29.

And I will sign up for new Enligsh class on Oct 22.


This month I spent a lot of money and because of Berlitz, I will spend more next month.

I can hardly wait my cash reward of certification.

It is going to be paid on December.

I continued to join Enlighs class for half year as of end of this month.

I plan to conitue studying another half year,

If that term is over, I probably graduate from Berlitz and find out more cheap way to study English.

Due to my low competence of Enligsh, I dare to choose expensive way to learn.

Therefore, if I can develop my English skill, I would choose more cheap way.



Octobar is busy month for me.

Actually it's not busy, but I feel hurried and unrestful feelings.

If I can, I want to pass more moderate and peaceful time for the rest of this year.

There are many kinds of pressure on me.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.



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