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get rid of

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月30日 07:44
  • 英語 | 雑記

I can't get rid of my fatigue these days.

I'm still recovering from yesteday.

And it occur every monring.


It bothers me.

I worry about disorder or illness especially bad condition of liver.

I seldom have a day that I give my liver a rest.

Therefore I won't drink today.


I shouldn't have drunk everyday in the first place...

To begin with, I should take care.

Well, I expected this kind of development or turn of event, of cource.

In other words, I got what I asked for.




It's almost a day that a bonus is given by company to me.

If I get bonus, I have to share that by treating my firend or junior fellow.

I will buy my friend some drink or food.

Anyway, I can't come up with way of using my bonus.

I have nothing special to want to buy.... 





  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月28日 07:50
  • 英語 | 雑記

I dealt with training and year-end party on Saturdary.

There were bingo game, and I got a figure of Hagure Metal.

It's a monster of Dragon Quest which is a computer game.

But all banquet was boring and it took 2 hours to get home.

Probably I won't go Hachiouji related event.


In fact, the organizer have texted about Christmas party already.

What's happening with him.

His event became mcuh more frequent recently.

He did something with common our friend every month since summer.


I am grateful for his invitation, but I am not looking to meet with a specific firiend.


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月25日 07:43
  • 英語 | 雑記

I have a little pain in my stomach.

I guess too much drink and eating are cause.

Tomorrow I have year-end party and have to go to Hachiouji all the way.

It's too far and distant.

My friends seem to go second party, but I will get home.

I have many clothes to wash, so I am going to use Sunday to do that.

And I need rest.



Also I will participate job traning tommorow.

It means that I have to do assignment by today.

I should put aside my job for now, and do homework.

"Should" and "Have to" appear too much in my diary.

Perhaps those words are true reason my stomach ache.


Setting job target process are also ongoing .

It's due today...

I have to set my job target and file it by the end of today.

I'm not int a mood to work hard.

Our section cheif take leave of absence now.

I guess there are a gap between emproyee and division manager, because of that absence.



I forgot to bring new study guide of linux from home.

Let's get started by reading referencebook.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月24日 07:43
  • 英語 | 雑記

Recently I'm inclined to drink to excess.

The amount of drink is problem and numbers of times is also problem.


Yesterday  I went to Gyukaku and two days ago, I went from shop to shop with my junior friend.

He and I met a years ago at picnic about one and half years ago.

The picnic was holded by friend on Twitter, and those events are called OFF KAI.

He is competent man. So I'm glad to talk about future with him.

I like man yanger than me and like challenges.


He plan to go Philippines and stay 3 months for studying English using temporarily-leave sysmtem of his company.

That systems allow its emplolyee to leave company temporarily up to two years.

Now he is not good at Enligsh and scarcely speak.

So he will take pain to grow.

I hope he become great man than me and give some help to me someday.



Saturday is training day for logical thinking,

And a year-end party will be hosted on Saturdary too.

We will meet some friends from school.We took on part-time job.

A girl reject me will attend, so I have mixed feelings.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月22日 08:06
  • 英語 | 雑記

I think I am early phase of cold from yesterday.

I feel little sluggish.



LPI certificatin is difficult to learn.

I'm not adept at linux system.

The way of study is not efficient yet.

I wonder whether linux is too difficult or several my capability diminished.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月21日 07:55
  • 英語 | 雑記

My lpi level 1 certificatin will be expired from next February.

So I started to study about linux to achieve next level exam.

For the time being, I allocate monrning time to study hour.

So I may be not able to keep diary.

Or, the volume of this diary may be decreased.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月17日 08:03
  • 英語 | 雑記

Yesterday I had too much drink.

I coudn'tt back to my nearest station from home.

So I used taxi. It's uncommon.

I usually walk if I have to walk longer.

But today is not holiday.



I plan to take a day off tomorrow.

Due to job traning on Saturday after next, I can take leave as compensation day off.

I will go basketball tommorow.

So, I am not going to work overtime.

I guess it'a good idea if I can.




I have to take a nap till start time.



dash the hope

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月16日 07:50
  • 英語 | 雑記

Suddenly, I got call yesterday.

The phone call was from basketball mate and said that he booked gym tomorrow for basketball successfully.

It's a really short notice, but I wanted to go.

Fourtunately, I am not busy recentlly.

Thus I plan to go.



I'm just 28 years old.

In front of me, there are many years to spend.

Or rather I should say, there are many years to waste.

Next ten years are beyond my calculation.

I can't predict anything.



I wrote about muffler.

But moving page operation blew it again and again...


I use my muffler first time last winter.

It's a gift.

I have two muffler but all of those are gift.

Thus I plan to buy new muffler.

I guess typical pattern and design will be good.

So I will look out stripe muffler.




These days, NBA league fell into confusion.

I read article about it yesterday on the website.of CNN.

Union of players didn't accept ultimatum by owner.

Possibly, the league wouldn't take place this season.

It's serious.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月15日 07:47
  • 英語 | 雑記

I'm tired of being positive.

Now I know that I will fail to do what I doesn't do everyday.

Thus, I am not good at planning, meeting with external people, doing presentation, because I rarely do those things.

There are a ton of things that I can't do.

And that situation surely continue forever.

Every people is same.

The important thing is what thing do you want to do and to be able to do.


So perhaps I shouldn't hope that I will make any noted progress.

Should I know when to give up?

I should.


But after all, I definitely wrote about above things, I can't give up anything and change myself.

I am me.



It's getting cold these days.

But I'm not sure when the timing to wear coat is right.

And I don't understand how to wear trench coat.

A belt is attaced to trench coat.

I need to look for the proper way of wearing belt.





 Now I read CNN's article about Norway terror suspect.

There are a photo and he has eerie facial expression.

I'm appaled to see that.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月14日 07:51
  • 英語 | 雑記

I have to interview our exective today.

Due to differences of skills between interview and my usual job, I feel difficulty for that.

At least I have to get idea of question.

But to ask executive about company operation and our business, interviewer must know about those in advance.

That's nothing unusual, but tough for me.

I need to get some ideas during the morning.



I just got haircut yesterday.

Usually, I ask my beautician to cut my hair short, like side hair not covering my ear.

But this time, I felt like cutting my hair to cover my ear.

Because it's getting colder these days.

I hope that change my mood and thinking.




I have a basketball match on Sunday.

It's third round in Shibuya-ku.

With that, we reached semifinal and became top 4.

But basketball teams are categorized from C to A in shibuya-ku .

We are just categorized as B recentlly, thus this tournament is for class C.

Anyway, We will beat next team.

Next team mixed with foreigner.

Rather than mixed, I should say the opposing team is foreign team.

I can't wait the match.


web shopping

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月10日 07:47
  • 英語 | 雑記

I ordered socks, shirts and tee shirts with UNIQLO over the internet.

I have few cloths, so I have to get a set of normal wears.


I have no material desire.

But buying something is fun.

I can understand that.

I have to buy new leather shoes this month.

A little while ago, I searched about leather shoes, and I saw about custom-made shoes.

I will but ready-made one, but It's interesting.

Incidentally, order-made appear Japanese-English word. I didn't know.




I watched a lot of movies.

I watched Mighty Saw on Sunday.

Then day before yesterday I watched Unknown.


And Yesterday, I watched Crazy Heart partway.

It's a story about country singer who are on the way out. His name is Bad Blake.

Because his popilarity is downhill, he sing a song at anywhere he can sing, and he move by his own car and drive himself.

One day he met with women who is young journalist and they fall in love.

At the same time, Blake received a chance that he can sing in front of 12000 people.

However it's a just opening of his apprentice.

That shinger who was just a side man of blake became popular few years ago.


Anyway, Bad Blake got a boost from those event.

And the story continues.


public offering

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 9日 07:47
  • 英語 | 雑記

Our company posted open recruitment for overseas office yesterday.

I take an interest that.

The area of expertise and skill that will be required is very different from now.

And candidates will be screened by manager.

So it's not easy to achieve.

Moreover  there are some conditions.

I have already met conditions like TOEIC scores.

But I doesn't meet a requirement that candidates must have worked for our company three years.

So my application will be failed, if I apply.

Now I have half a mind to apply for that opening

I have nothing to lose. === 駄目で元々



I reflected on the way of studying for English and time that I spent.

To improve my English skills, I keep this diary ofcourse.

And I attend a English lesson of Berliz .

But I started thinking that it is insufficient.


A few years ago, I spent holiday and time after office hours.

But now, it seems I lost my motivation.


I know that description is inadequate.

To be exact, I should say that I have no specail motivation at the begining.

Enhanced motivation will be lower before long.

Thus keeping motivatin neutral is one of my policy.


Have I wasted time.

I should ask myself everyday.




Looking for the answer is difficult, especially for occasion that there seem no definite right answer.

On such occasion, we have to create a answer in a sense.



my limitation

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 8日 07:45
  • 英語 | 雑記

On Saturday, I was caught in the rain and got wet.

It's not too much to say that I was drenched.

I had no umrella, and for some reasons I couldn't come up with buying it,

I guess that happend partly because I was drunk.


Once or twice, the rain got heavier, so I hid from the rain under a apartment's roof.

It's not so cold. In fact, It was warm.

So I noded off for a while. It was dangerous.


Anyway I can come home and I was safe.

But my suit creased and I forgot to take it to the laundry.

This morning I hung it in moist bathroom and set vent fan off.



Job interview is difficult and hard thing.

So It is needed to prepare for interview by doing a lot of that.

Going to the interview of company that you want to enter suddenly is bad idea.

I will apply some companies just for practice.




I need to complete some E-learning.

But If I do E-learning,  some people may consider that I have spare time.

It's bothering.




things to do

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 7日 11:27
  • 英語 | 雑記

I'm off today.

On Saturday, I took part in training course of critical thinking.

Therefore, I took a day off as make up holiday.

The workshop is very informative.


We think about wide variety of things to solve a problem.

To do it, we gather information and organize those facts at first unconciously.

But there are some techniques.

Points must have grounds. And those two elements must connect apporopriately.

If the problems include huge volume of facts, making a point logically is difficult.

So, some people use diagram like matrix diagram.

On that class, we studied about Pyramid Structure through a number of practice.

We also studied about persuasion.

For me, trying to make my sentence lucid will be help.

Easy-to-understand form is important to persuade someone to do.

I have to review my lesson.




I have to do two things this afternoon.

One is improving my resume.

Or I should reword resume as manuscript of my professional activities. 

Second thing is building hanger furniture.

It is annoying and troublesome...





  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 4日 07:36
  • 英語 | 雑記

These days, I ate too much meat.

I guess I just eat too much rather than it.

And I exercised well.

But I think it is about time to rethink my diet.

At first, I thought my everyday meal seriously.

Now, I become lazy.

I must reset mysefl and achive back-to-basics again.



I haven't finished my assingment.

Why people have thing to do, they want to do another thing.

Although I had to do my asingment yesterday, I watched two movies.

Pirates of caribbean and mighty thor.

If this were an ordinary time, I rarely watch two movies continuously.

Because I can't keep my concentration to watch movies.

This is bad.

I have to do asignment.

The traning is tomorrow...




Also, I need to install tacacs+ into our server.

But I'm not good at operating linux/unix servers.

I try to serach about procedure that make tacacs+ work.

But I have a tough time.

I take pains to just operate debian linux server.

I will have trouble to complete my task...

I have no time to do accomplish a purpose.



mixed feeling

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 2日 07:49
  • 英語 | 雑記

Yesterday I attended basketball practice.

My figure is still bad, and I can't hold my ground by foot.

I need to lose my weight.

Tomorrow's practice is last one in this month.

So, if I can't find out another practice, I plan to run at night.



I received demand notice by my creditcard company.

I always deposit money in my savings account for creditcard after the amount charged to my account is fixed.

So, the reason why I got the notice is I had misunderstanding about amount of money.

I deposited fewer amout than amount that the company charged to me.

This happens for the second time in my life.

 I have to be carefull.

flex time

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 1日 07:40
  • 英語 | 雑記

From today, our company adopt and introduce flextime so that employee can reduce overtime.

Executives are thinking if bussiness time become flexible, our life would be fulfilling.

We are on flextime now.

In the meantime I am going to wait and see.

I write this and study for another things every morining.

So I swiped my card through attendance management system at about 7:30, but I will input to systems as I started working from 9 AM.



For some reason, my team doesn't organize basketball practices so many this month.

I'm afraid I have only two practices.

I'm afraid of getting weight because of .lack of exercise.

I plan to look for another practices convened by another team.



I will go to Shizuoka just for eating hamburg of SAWAYAKA with my junior friend.

GENKOTU hamburg of SAWAYAKA is most delicious hamburg for me.

SAWAYAKA is sort of chain.But it have shops only in Shizuoka.

It's a local favorite. Ofcourse the means of  transportation is car.

I haven't driven car since my last ride on August.That worries me little.


Anyway it's a good time to see the sitts around Fuji-city.

I am supposed to seek information, but I couldn't.

I will try to find time to do.


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