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public offering

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 9日 07:47
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Our company posted open recruitment for overseas office yesterday.

I take an interest that.

The area of expertise and skill that will be required is very different from now.

And candidates will be screened by manager.

So it's not easy to achieve.

Moreover  there are some conditions.

I have already met conditions like TOEIC scores.

But I doesn't meet a requirement that candidates must have worked for our company three years.

So my application will be failed, if I apply.

Now I have half a mind to apply for that opening

I have nothing to lose. === 駄目で元々



I reflected on the way of studying for English and time that I spent.

To improve my English skills, I keep this diary ofcourse.

And I attend a English lesson of Berliz .

But I started thinking that it is insufficient.


A few years ago, I spent holiday and time after office hours.

But now, it seems I lost my motivation.


I know that description is inadequate.

To be exact, I should say that I have no specail motivation at the begining.

Enhanced motivation will be lower before long.

Thus keeping motivatin neutral is one of my policy.


Have I wasted time.

I should ask myself everyday.




Looking for the answer is difficult, especially for occasion that there seem no definite right answer.

On such occasion, we have to create a answer in a sense.




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