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close call

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月19日 23:34
  • 英語 | 雑記

My LPIC certification's expiration date will be coming.

It's 2/10.

I really have to work on a study.

So, all time of morning will be used to learn for LPIC.

I book my first exam at 12/25.

If I pass that exam, then I have to take next exam.

It's serious.

If I failed to get the cert, there are huge waste of time and money. 


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月15日 07:49
  • 英語 | 雑記

I got a mail that offer a job opportunity a few days ago.

Sender said who is German and he would like to offer a some jobs to me.

I'm suspicious about that because I didn't post my profile on kind of carrer agent for foreign capital.

But he give his information about his farm and position.

So, I replyed to that mail and answer is came yesterday.


It said if I am interested, please talk with him on the phone.

I guess it's a not spam mail at least.

Therefore I made up my mind to give my number to him and replyed again.

Few hours later, the phone call was coming for real.

And I talked with him.


He was certainly German or foreigner from Europe or America.

I guess that due to his Japanese.

I asked about source of my emaild address and he said he get my information from the other person, but he can't reveal person's name.

He also said he has some cases of job offer that I might get interested.

I'm hardly looking for meeting good opportunity from this but I think it will be sort of 社会勉強.

So, I am going to visit his office today.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月14日 07:48
  • 英語 | 雑記

I got dislocation of left shoulder Monday.

When I played basketball, a old man corrupted me and his arm wound mine.

I couldn't stand myself, so my friends called ambulance car.

After I got hospital, orthopedic surgeon reduce or put my arm's bone in shoulder correctly.

It's very hurts, painful treatment.

But the treatment reduce my pain significantly.


At any rate, I couldn't use left hand.

And just wearing cloth become hard job.

Most important thing to me is possibility of recurrence.

If a man got dislocation, the man would get suceptible to dislocation of same part.

It's crucial for contact sport like basketball.

So, I may not play basketball seriously in the days ahead.

It's sad.


I'll try to care myself both physically and mentally.

Contiunous pain is big stress.

I should bank on my friend and familiy.






  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月11日 22:20
  • 英語 | 雑記

I didn't write this diary these days, because I was not office on morning frequently.

The reason is scheduled off, all-night drinking and so on.

I will take a day off tomorrow, so I think I should write at this hour.


On Saturaday, I attended Berliz's cristmas party.

There are too many girls, so I felt tense.

In the beginning, I talked only with a man.

He is 49 years-old. And I'm surprised that he have continued private lesson, because it's expensive.


In a little while, staffes said that they plan to clear all chair so that we can talk with more people.

Apparently, they have intended to hold a standing party.

But because of mishandling or so, there were chair and tables.

Standing party is good.

After that I can talk with staff, teacher and another student.

However I'm shy, so I couldn't have chatting with enough people.


After cristmas party, we went to Hub in kawasaki.

There were drinking spree.

Foreigner love to pick girls up.

And Japanese women love foreigner.

So it seems easy to get girls than me.

Anyway, we said something to about 3 group that included 8 girls.

I bought drink some girls, but they are robbed by another men.

After all, I am me and not good looking guy.


But saturday is so fun. And I had a good experience.

I should make use of that.

I was suprised there are so many girls waited approach from men in HUB.


bad things happen, but you can still live

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 7日 07:42
  • 英語 | 雑記

I watched Super8 last night.

Story start when 13-year-old boy lost his mother by accident in factory.

Four month after, he manage to recover his daily life.

He and his friend love to make a film.


One day, they went to little bit remote station to film a movie.

During a take, a train came through the station.

In addition a car suddenly came and crash into that train.

It's a huge accident. Boys were doing well fotunatelly, and escaped from that place.

At that time, a girl brought something of cubic back.

After that, all of weird things started happening.

Air force came to the town and began intensive investigation for something.


The storytelling of Super8 is pretty good.

I can't stop watching that movie.

And Elle Fanning was very cute.




Summarizing something in English is very difficult, but it's effective way to train English skills.

If someone says there are easy way to learn English, you should distrust it as it's too good to be true.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 6日 07:43
  • 英語 | 雑記

I will meet with some guys on next Saturday.

They are friend of my friend.

She invited me to join that lunch.

I wonder if that is matchmaking party.

But if that is matchmaking party, there are some strange point.


Firstly, she didn't mention it as sort of matchmaking things.

Second, organizer of matchmaking things usually invite those who are same sex.

It's weird. Although I guess that is just a matchmaking party after all.

She is just a old friend and it is clear that she and I never have romantic interest each other.

Thus I shouldn't care about that overly.Just have fun.



Recently many friends try to introduce girls to me.

A team mate of basketball team even try to introduce his sister to me.

It's my honor.

Even if those notions are never put into practice, I am thankful to them.



I wrote last half ot this diary two times.

Two times.

Because of ordinary returning page mistakenly, I spoiled it.

I'm fed up about it.


complete defeat

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 5日 07:58
  • 英語 | 雑記

Our team have a semi final game of basketball Saturday.

We have a good and clean match, but we got a beating.

Opposing team was multinational team.

And they have a big center player who is about 200cm tall.

Other player is also tall.

We couldn't do nothing against them.


Opposing player apolofized his dirty block and said It's a faul play after the game.

I think It's a not faul and he had a sportmanship.

So, we was lost, but it's a good game.



After that game, I attended year-end party with other friends.

It was hosted by husband of my friend.

But she was absent, since she is pregnant now.

So, maybe it sounds like away game.

However her husband and his friend and I have got along well too.

Ofcourse there are some stranger for me and  people that I have met with a few times before.

But it's great party.

We went karaoke. And we drunk till morning.

It's a good time and I really enjoid that, but I was exhausted.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 2日 07:44
  • 英語 | 雑記

It's been a while since I played a basketball last time.

So yesterday's basketball is so fun.

And my middle shoot is pretty well.

I really enjoyed last night.


After that we went to drinking place.

I had too much drink.

Thus I had little headache this morning.


For just a moment, I wonder if I may as well call in a sick and take a half day off.

But today is year-end party of our division.

So if I take a morning rest by faking sick, I would be hard for going that.


Basketaball practice will be held today again.

If anything, I want to go basketball.

But year-end party is also important and fun.

And it is annual event and free of charge.

I will be held only once a year.

So I decided to go to year-end party.



long sleep

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 1日 07:41
  • 英語 | 雑記

I had a long sleep last night.

But awakening is bad. Weariness didn't dissapeared.


Today I will go to basketaball after a long interval.

It's been a long time.

Maybe phycial tiredness will help me to have good sleep.

I can meet with my friends that are late middle age.

This is going to be great.

I always enjoy talking with old people.

Senior person are often genial and gentle.

They didn't try to hurt other people normally.

Of course it depends on who you talk with, and there are always anomalies or exceptions.




I wathced two movies, Crazy Heart and  Last Target ( Japanese title. The American is original.)

Both are good, but especially Crazy Heart is touching.

Old country singer who used to be a famous sing a song at rural area.

He drive his car himself and visit verious place.

Meanwhile he happens to meet with woman who have child and are single parent.

Then he and his situation start to change.


The main actor got adademy award for best actor.

That movie will stay in my head.

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