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  • 2011年12月11日 22:20
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I didn't write this diary these days, because I was not office on morning frequently.

The reason is scheduled off, all-night drinking and so on.

I will take a day off tomorrow, so I think I should write at this hour.


On Saturaday, I attended Berliz's cristmas party.

There are too many girls, so I felt tense.

In the beginning, I talked only with a man.

He is 49 years-old. And I'm surprised that he have continued private lesson, because it's expensive.


In a little while, staffes said that they plan to clear all chair so that we can talk with more people.

Apparently, they have intended to hold a standing party.

But because of mishandling or so, there were chair and tables.

Standing party is good.

After that I can talk with staff, teacher and another student.

However I'm shy, so I couldn't have chatting with enough people.


After cristmas party, we went to Hub in kawasaki.

There were drinking spree.

Foreigner love to pick girls up.

And Japanese women love foreigner.

So it seems easy to get girls than me.

Anyway, we said something to about 3 group that included 8 girls.

I bought drink some girls, but they are robbed by another men.

After all, I am me and not good looking guy.


But saturday is so fun. And I had a good experience.

I should make use of that.

I was suprised there are so many girls waited approach from men in HUB.



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