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  • 2012年1月23日 07:58
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I sucessfully got LPIC level 2 certification on Sunday.

Though expiration date is coming, so I felt heat and pressed, now I can put linux reference away.

But I have to get another certification about VMware.

It is already included my targets in the second half of this fiscal year.

Then full-fledged restart of English diary will be put off till next month.



Anyway, I live my own life as usual.

Though some change may be coming, it IS usual.

I plan to go to some interviews as social learning.

And my left shoulder is still recovering from dislocation.

But now I can do shooting.

Close girlfriend is not finded, but my friends introduce some girls to me.

And I have a person that I want to meet.

However, future is not bright.

I will also get older this year, and I will be 29 old.

All of things will gradually change even to me.

You might think "even to me" is weired, but everyone think themselvs is special in diverse ways.


This year's paper fortune was DAIKICHI.

I will believe myself and go ahead.

close call

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  • 2011年12月19日 23:34
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My LPIC certification's expiration date will be coming.

It's 2/10.

I really have to work on a study.

So, all time of morning will be used to learn for LPIC.

I book my first exam at 12/25.

If I pass that exam, then I have to take next exam.

It's serious.

If I failed to get the cert, there are huge waste of time and money. 


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  • 2011年12月15日 07:49
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I got a mail that offer a job opportunity a few days ago.

Sender said who is German and he would like to offer a some jobs to me.

I'm suspicious about that because I didn't post my profile on kind of carrer agent for foreign capital.

But he give his information about his farm and position.

So, I replyed to that mail and answer is came yesterday.


It said if I am interested, please talk with him on the phone.

I guess it's a not spam mail at least.

Therefore I made up my mind to give my number to him and replyed again.

Few hours later, the phone call was coming for real.

And I talked with him.


He was certainly German or foreigner from Europe or America.

I guess that due to his Japanese.

I asked about source of my emaild address and he said he get my information from the other person, but he can't reveal person's name.

He also said he has some cases of job offer that I might get interested.

I'm hardly looking for meeting good opportunity from this but I think it will be sort of 社会勉強.

So, I am going to visit his office today.



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