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  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2012年1月23日 07:58
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I sucessfully got LPIC level 2 certification on Sunday.

Though expiration date is coming, so I felt heat and pressed, now I can put linux reference away.

But I have to get another certification about VMware.

It is already included my targets in the second half of this fiscal year.

Then full-fledged restart of English diary will be put off till next month.



Anyway, I live my own life as usual.

Though some change may be coming, it IS usual.

I plan to go to some interviews as social learning.

And my left shoulder is still recovering from dislocation.

But now I can do shooting.

Close girlfriend is not finded, but my friends introduce some girls to me.

And I have a person that I want to meet.

However, future is not bright.

I will also get older this year, and I will be 29 old.

All of things will gradually change even to me.

You might think "even to me" is weired, but everyone think themselvs is special in diverse ways.


This year's paper fortune was DAIKICHI.

I will believe myself and go ahead.

close call

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月19日 23:34
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My LPIC certification's expiration date will be coming.

It's 2/10.

I really have to work on a study.

So, all time of morning will be used to learn for LPIC.

I book my first exam at 12/25.

If I pass that exam, then I have to take next exam.

It's serious.

If I failed to get the cert, there are huge waste of time and money. 


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月15日 07:49
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I got a mail that offer a job opportunity a few days ago.

Sender said who is German and he would like to offer a some jobs to me.

I'm suspicious about that because I didn't post my profile on kind of carrer agent for foreign capital.

But he give his information about his farm and position.

So, I replyed to that mail and answer is came yesterday.


It said if I am interested, please talk with him on the phone.

I guess it's a not spam mail at least.

Therefore I made up my mind to give my number to him and replyed again.

Few hours later, the phone call was coming for real.

And I talked with him.


He was certainly German or foreigner from Europe or America.

I guess that due to his Japanese.

I asked about source of my emaild address and he said he get my information from the other person, but he can't reveal person's name.

He also said he has some cases of job offer that I might get interested.

I'm hardly looking for meeting good opportunity from this but I think it will be sort of 社会勉強.

So, I am going to visit his office today.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月14日 07:48
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I got dislocation of left shoulder Monday.

When I played basketball, a old man corrupted me and his arm wound mine.

I couldn't stand myself, so my friends called ambulance car.

After I got hospital, orthopedic surgeon reduce or put my arm's bone in shoulder correctly.

It's very hurts, painful treatment.

But the treatment reduce my pain significantly.


At any rate, I couldn't use left hand.

And just wearing cloth become hard job.

Most important thing to me is possibility of recurrence.

If a man got dislocation, the man would get suceptible to dislocation of same part.

It's crucial for contact sport like basketball.

So, I may not play basketball seriously in the days ahead.

It's sad.


I'll try to care myself both physically and mentally.

Contiunous pain is big stress.

I should bank on my friend and familiy.






  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月11日 22:20
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I didn't write this diary these days, because I was not office on morning frequently.

The reason is scheduled off, all-night drinking and so on.

I will take a day off tomorrow, so I think I should write at this hour.


On Saturaday, I attended Berliz's cristmas party.

There are too many girls, so I felt tense.

In the beginning, I talked only with a man.

He is 49 years-old. And I'm surprised that he have continued private lesson, because it's expensive.


In a little while, staffes said that they plan to clear all chair so that we can talk with more people.

Apparently, they have intended to hold a standing party.

But because of mishandling or so, there were chair and tables.

Standing party is good.

After that I can talk with staff, teacher and another student.

However I'm shy, so I couldn't have chatting with enough people.


After cristmas party, we went to Hub in kawasaki.

There were drinking spree.

Foreigner love to pick girls up.

And Japanese women love foreigner.

So it seems easy to get girls than me.

Anyway, we said something to about 3 group that included 8 girls.

I bought drink some girls, but they are robbed by another men.

After all, I am me and not good looking guy.


But saturday is so fun. And I had a good experience.

I should make use of that.

I was suprised there are so many girls waited approach from men in HUB.


bad things happen, but you can still live

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 7日 07:42
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I watched Super8 last night.

Story start when 13-year-old boy lost his mother by accident in factory.

Four month after, he manage to recover his daily life.

He and his friend love to make a film.


One day, they went to little bit remote station to film a movie.

During a take, a train came through the station.

In addition a car suddenly came and crash into that train.

It's a huge accident. Boys were doing well fotunatelly, and escaped from that place.

At that time, a girl brought something of cubic back.

After that, all of weird things started happening.

Air force came to the town and began intensive investigation for something.


The storytelling of Super8 is pretty good.

I can't stop watching that movie.

And Elle Fanning was very cute.




Summarizing something in English is very difficult, but it's effective way to train English skills.

If someone says there are easy way to learn English, you should distrust it as it's too good to be true.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 6日 07:43
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I will meet with some guys on next Saturday.

They are friend of my friend.

She invited me to join that lunch.

I wonder if that is matchmaking party.

But if that is matchmaking party, there are some strange point.


Firstly, she didn't mention it as sort of matchmaking things.

Second, organizer of matchmaking things usually invite those who are same sex.

It's weird. Although I guess that is just a matchmaking party after all.

She is just a old friend and it is clear that she and I never have romantic interest each other.

Thus I shouldn't care about that overly.Just have fun.



Recently many friends try to introduce girls to me.

A team mate of basketball team even try to introduce his sister to me.

It's my honor.

Even if those notions are never put into practice, I am thankful to them.



I wrote last half ot this diary two times.

Two times.

Because of ordinary returning page mistakenly, I spoiled it.

I'm fed up about it.


complete defeat

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 5日 07:58
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Our team have a semi final game of basketball Saturday.

We have a good and clean match, but we got a beating.

Opposing team was multinational team.

And they have a big center player who is about 200cm tall.

Other player is also tall.

We couldn't do nothing against them.


Opposing player apolofized his dirty block and said It's a faul play after the game.

I think It's a not faul and he had a sportmanship.

So, we was lost, but it's a good game.



After that game, I attended year-end party with other friends.

It was hosted by husband of my friend.

But she was absent, since she is pregnant now.

So, maybe it sounds like away game.

However her husband and his friend and I have got along well too.

Ofcourse there are some stranger for me and  people that I have met with a few times before.

But it's great party.

We went karaoke. And we drunk till morning.

It's a good time and I really enjoid that, but I was exhausted.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 2日 07:44
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It's been a while since I played a basketball last time.

So yesterday's basketball is so fun.

And my middle shoot is pretty well.

I really enjoyed last night.


After that we went to drinking place.

I had too much drink.

Thus I had little headache this morning.


For just a moment, I wonder if I may as well call in a sick and take a half day off.

But today is year-end party of our division.

So if I take a morning rest by faking sick, I would be hard for going that.


Basketaball practice will be held today again.

If anything, I want to go basketball.

But year-end party is also important and fun.

And it is annual event and free of charge.

I will be held only once a year.

So I decided to go to year-end party.



long sleep

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年12月 1日 07:41
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I had a long sleep last night.

But awakening is bad. Weariness didn't dissapeared.


Today I will go to basketaball after a long interval.

It's been a long time.

Maybe phycial tiredness will help me to have good sleep.

I can meet with my friends that are late middle age.

This is going to be great.

I always enjoy talking with old people.

Senior person are often genial and gentle.

They didn't try to hurt other people normally.

Of course it depends on who you talk with, and there are always anomalies or exceptions.




I wathced two movies, Crazy Heart and  Last Target ( Japanese title. The American is original.)

Both are good, but especially Crazy Heart is touching.

Old country singer who used to be a famous sing a song at rural area.

He drive his car himself and visit verious place.

Meanwhile he happens to meet with woman who have child and are single parent.

Then he and his situation start to change.


The main actor got adademy award for best actor.

That movie will stay in my head.

get rid of

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月30日 07:44
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I can't get rid of my fatigue these days.

I'm still recovering from yesteday.

And it occur every monring.


It bothers me.

I worry about disorder or illness especially bad condition of liver.

I seldom have a day that I give my liver a rest.

Therefore I won't drink today.


I shouldn't have drunk everyday in the first place...

To begin with, I should take care.

Well, I expected this kind of development or turn of event, of cource.

In other words, I got what I asked for.




It's almost a day that a bonus is given by company to me.

If I get bonus, I have to share that by treating my firend or junior fellow.

I will buy my friend some drink or food.

Anyway, I can't come up with way of using my bonus.

I have nothing special to want to buy.... 





  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月28日 07:50
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I dealt with training and year-end party on Saturdary.

There were bingo game, and I got a figure of Hagure Metal.

It's a monster of Dragon Quest which is a computer game.

But all banquet was boring and it took 2 hours to get home.

Probably I won't go Hachiouji related event.


In fact, the organizer have texted about Christmas party already.

What's happening with him.

His event became mcuh more frequent recently.

He did something with common our friend every month since summer.


I am grateful for his invitation, but I am not looking to meet with a specific firiend.


  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月25日 07:43
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I have a little pain in my stomach.

I guess too much drink and eating are cause.

Tomorrow I have year-end party and have to go to Hachiouji all the way.

It's too far and distant.

My friends seem to go second party, but I will get home.

I have many clothes to wash, so I am going to use Sunday to do that.

And I need rest.



Also I will participate job traning tommorow.

It means that I have to do assignment by today.

I should put aside my job for now, and do homework.

"Should" and "Have to" appear too much in my diary.

Perhaps those words are true reason my stomach ache.


Setting job target process are also ongoing .

It's due today...

I have to set my job target and file it by the end of today.

I'm not int a mood to work hard.

Our section cheif take leave of absence now.

I guess there are a gap between emproyee and division manager, because of that absence.



I forgot to bring new study guide of linux from home.

Let's get started by reading referencebook.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月24日 07:43
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Recently I'm inclined to drink to excess.

The amount of drink is problem and numbers of times is also problem.


Yesterday  I went to Gyukaku and two days ago, I went from shop to shop with my junior friend.

He and I met a years ago at picnic about one and half years ago.

The picnic was holded by friend on Twitter, and those events are called OFF KAI.

He is competent man. So I'm glad to talk about future with him.

I like man yanger than me and like challenges.


He plan to go Philippines and stay 3 months for studying English using temporarily-leave sysmtem of his company.

That systems allow its emplolyee to leave company temporarily up to two years.

Now he is not good at Enligsh and scarcely speak.

So he will take pain to grow.

I hope he become great man than me and give some help to me someday.



Saturday is training day for logical thinking,

And a year-end party will be hosted on Saturdary too.

We will meet some friends from school.We took on part-time job.

A girl reject me will attend, so I have mixed feelings.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月22日 08:06
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I think I am early phase of cold from yesterday.

I feel little sluggish.



LPI certificatin is difficult to learn.

I'm not adept at linux system.

The way of study is not efficient yet.

I wonder whether linux is too difficult or several my capability diminished.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月21日 07:55
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My lpi level 1 certificatin will be expired from next February.

So I started to study about linux to achieve next level exam.

For the time being, I allocate monrning time to study hour.

So I may be not able to keep diary.

Or, the volume of this diary may be decreased.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月17日 08:03
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Yesterday I had too much drink.

I coudn'tt back to my nearest station from home.

So I used taxi. It's uncommon.

I usually walk if I have to walk longer.

But today is not holiday.



I plan to take a day off tomorrow.

Due to job traning on Saturday after next, I can take leave as compensation day off.

I will go basketball tommorow.

So, I am not going to work overtime.

I guess it'a good idea if I can.




I have to take a nap till start time.



dash the hope

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月16日 07:50
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Suddenly, I got call yesterday.

The phone call was from basketball mate and said that he booked gym tomorrow for basketball successfully.

It's a really short notice, but I wanted to go.

Fourtunately, I am not busy recentlly.

Thus I plan to go.



I'm just 28 years old.

In front of me, there are many years to spend.

Or rather I should say, there are many years to waste.

Next ten years are beyond my calculation.

I can't predict anything.



I wrote about muffler.

But moving page operation blew it again and again...


I use my muffler first time last winter.

It's a gift.

I have two muffler but all of those are gift.

Thus I plan to buy new muffler.

I guess typical pattern and design will be good.

So I will look out stripe muffler.




These days, NBA league fell into confusion.

I read article about it yesterday on the website.of CNN.

Union of players didn't accept ultimatum by owner.

Possibly, the league wouldn't take place this season.

It's serious.



  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月15日 07:47
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I'm tired of being positive.

Now I know that I will fail to do what I doesn't do everyday.

Thus, I am not good at planning, meeting with external people, doing presentation, because I rarely do those things.

There are a ton of things that I can't do.

And that situation surely continue forever.

Every people is same.

The important thing is what thing do you want to do and to be able to do.


So perhaps I shouldn't hope that I will make any noted progress.

Should I know when to give up?

I should.


But after all, I definitely wrote about above things, I can't give up anything and change myself.

I am me.



It's getting cold these days.

But I'm not sure when the timing to wear coat is right.

And I don't understand how to wear trench coat.

A belt is attaced to trench coat.

I need to look for the proper way of wearing belt.





 Now I read CNN's article about Norway terror suspect.

There are a photo and he has eerie facial expression.

I'm appaled to see that.




  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月14日 07:51
  • 英語 | 雑記

I have to interview our exective today.

Due to differences of skills between interview and my usual job, I feel difficulty for that.

At least I have to get idea of question.

But to ask executive about company operation and our business, interviewer must know about those in advance.

That's nothing unusual, but tough for me.

I need to get some ideas during the morning.



I just got haircut yesterday.

Usually, I ask my beautician to cut my hair short, like side hair not covering my ear.

But this time, I felt like cutting my hair to cover my ear.

Because it's getting colder these days.

I hope that change my mood and thinking.




I have a basketball match on Sunday.

It's third round in Shibuya-ku.

With that, we reached semifinal and became top 4.

But basketball teams are categorized from C to A in shibuya-ku .

We are just categorized as B recentlly, thus this tournament is for class C.

Anyway, We will beat next team.

Next team mixed with foreigner.

Rather than mixed, I should say the opposing team is foreign team.

I can't wait the match.


web shopping

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月10日 07:47
  • 英語 | 雑記

I ordered socks, shirts and tee shirts with UNIQLO over the internet.

I have few cloths, so I have to get a set of normal wears.


I have no material desire.

But buying something is fun.

I can understand that.

I have to buy new leather shoes this month.

A little while ago, I searched about leather shoes, and I saw about custom-made shoes.

I will but ready-made one, but It's interesting.

Incidentally, order-made appear Japanese-English word. I didn't know.




I watched a lot of movies.

I watched Mighty Saw on Sunday.

Then day before yesterday I watched Unknown.


And Yesterday, I watched Crazy Heart partway.

It's a story about country singer who are on the way out. His name is Bad Blake.

Because his popilarity is downhill, he sing a song at anywhere he can sing, and he move by his own car and drive himself.

One day he met with women who is young journalist and they fall in love.

At the same time, Blake received a chance that he can sing in front of 12000 people.

However it's a just opening of his apprentice.

That shinger who was just a side man of blake became popular few years ago.


Anyway, Bad Blake got a boost from those event.

And the story continues.


public offering

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 9日 07:47
  • 英語 | 雑記

Our company posted open recruitment for overseas office yesterday.

I take an interest that.

The area of expertise and skill that will be required is very different from now.

And candidates will be screened by manager.

So it's not easy to achieve.

Moreover  there are some conditions.

I have already met conditions like TOEIC scores.

But I doesn't meet a requirement that candidates must have worked for our company three years.

So my application will be failed, if I apply.

Now I have half a mind to apply for that opening

I have nothing to lose. === 駄目で元々



I reflected on the way of studying for English and time that I spent.

To improve my English skills, I keep this diary ofcourse.

And I attend a English lesson of Berliz .

But I started thinking that it is insufficient.


A few years ago, I spent holiday and time after office hours.

But now, it seems I lost my motivation.


I know that description is inadequate.

To be exact, I should say that I have no specail motivation at the begining.

Enhanced motivation will be lower before long.

Thus keeping motivatin neutral is one of my policy.


Have I wasted time.

I should ask myself everyday.




Looking for the answer is difficult, especially for occasion that there seem no definite right answer.

On such occasion, we have to create a answer in a sense.



my limitation

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 8日 07:45
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On Saturday, I was caught in the rain and got wet.

It's not too much to say that I was drenched.

I had no umrella, and for some reasons I couldn't come up with buying it,

I guess that happend partly because I was drunk.


Once or twice, the rain got heavier, so I hid from the rain under a apartment's roof.

It's not so cold. In fact, It was warm.

So I noded off for a while. It was dangerous.


Anyway I can come home and I was safe.

But my suit creased and I forgot to take it to the laundry.

This morning I hung it in moist bathroom and set vent fan off.



Job interview is difficult and hard thing.

So It is needed to prepare for interview by doing a lot of that.

Going to the interview of company that you want to enter suddenly is bad idea.

I will apply some companies just for practice.




I need to complete some E-learning.

But If I do E-learning,  some people may consider that I have spare time.

It's bothering.




things to do

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年11月 7日 11:27
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I'm off today.

On Saturday, I took part in training course of critical thinking.

Therefore, I took a day off as make up holiday.

The workshop is very informative.


We think about wide variety of things to solve a problem.

To do it, we gather information and organize those facts at first unconciously.

But there are some techniques.

Points must have grounds. And those two elements must connect apporopriately.

If the problems include huge volume of facts, making a point logically is difficult.

So, some people use diagram like matrix diagram.

On that class, we studied about Pyramid Structure through a number of practice.

We also studied about persuasion.

For me, trying to make my sentence lucid will be help.

Easy-to-understand form is important to persuade someone to do.

I have to review my lesson.




I have to do two things this afternoon.

One is improving my resume.

Or I should reword resume as manuscript of my professional activities. 

Second thing is building hanger furniture.

It is annoying and troublesome...





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  • 2011年11月 4日 07:36
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These days, I ate too much meat.

I guess I just eat too much rather than it.

And I exercised well.

But I think it is about time to rethink my diet.

At first, I thought my everyday meal seriously.

Now, I become lazy.

I must reset mysefl and achive back-to-basics again.



I haven't finished my assingment.

Why people have thing to do, they want to do another thing.

Although I had to do my asingment yesterday, I watched two movies.

Pirates of caribbean and mighty thor.

If this were an ordinary time, I rarely watch two movies continuously.

Because I can't keep my concentration to watch movies.

This is bad.

I have to do asignment.

The traning is tomorrow...




Also, I need to install tacacs+ into our server.

But I'm not good at operating linux/unix servers.

I try to serach about procedure that make tacacs+ work.

But I have a tough time.

I take pains to just operate debian linux server.

I will have trouble to complete my task...

I have no time to do accomplish a purpose.



mixed feeling

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  • 2011年11月 2日 07:49
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Yesterday I attended basketball practice.

My figure is still bad, and I can't hold my ground by foot.

I need to lose my weight.

Tomorrow's practice is last one in this month.

So, if I can't find out another practice, I plan to run at night.



I received demand notice by my creditcard company.

I always deposit money in my savings account for creditcard after the amount charged to my account is fixed.

So, the reason why I got the notice is I had misunderstanding about amount of money.

I deposited fewer amout than amount that the company charged to me.

This happens for the second time in my life.

 I have to be carefull.

flex time

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  • 2011年11月 1日 07:40
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From today, our company adopt and introduce flextime so that employee can reduce overtime.

Executives are thinking if bussiness time become flexible, our life would be fulfilling.

We are on flextime now.

In the meantime I am going to wait and see.

I write this and study for another things every morining.

So I swiped my card through attendance management system at about 7:30, but I will input to systems as I started working from 9 AM.



For some reason, my team doesn't organize basketball practices so many this month.

I'm afraid I have only two practices.

I'm afraid of getting weight because of .lack of exercise.

I plan to look for another practices convened by another team.



I will go to Shizuoka just for eating hamburg of SAWAYAKA with my junior friend.

GENKOTU hamburg of SAWAYAKA is most delicious hamburg for me.

SAWAYAKA is sort of chain.But it have shops only in Shizuoka.

It's a local favorite. Ofcourse the means of  transportation is car.

I haven't driven car since my last ride on August.That worries me little.


Anyway it's a good time to see the sitts around Fuji-city.

I am supposed to seek information, but I couldn't.

I will try to find time to do.


idle period

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年10月31日 07:49
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I slept well.

I went to bed 9 PM yesterday.



I haven't finished my asignment for job traninng course yet.

I really need to comlete it.

I have basketball practice tomorrow, and the next day I am booked for going OutbackSteakHouse with my junior.

And this Thrusday is a public holiday and I will go to basketball practice again.

So I am short of time.


Routine work is not evaluated by our company.

Thus I have no reason to do those work with heart and soul.

That's the reason I plan to clear asignment up today.



I met with people of Twitter on Saturday.

And we ate grilled meat.and had fun.


And after that, I drop by bar in Kamata to open up a new drinking place.

It's uncommon for me.

But I felt like drinking more that night.

When I enter the bar, live of modern jass was almost starting.

At the first, I don't care about that and I was just drinking.

After a while, master of the bar caught my eye by chance and he offer me listening.

I listend rest of concert and It was good.

I would like to go to the bar again.




焼肉 or ホルモン焼き is very famous in japan.

But when I describe those word in English, I always get perplexed and puzzled by difficulty of choosing words.


leave a ball

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  • 2011年10月27日 08:03
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Last Sunday, I leave my basket ball at gym,

So, I plan to go basketball practice that hosted at the gym.

But for past two days and today, I have a lot to do at office.

So, I'm not sure whether I can go practice or not.

If I can't, I will order new ball.

I can give up tha ball, as if I donate that ball to someone.

( つもりで is difficult word for translation.)


As to busy work, I have to do some operations from 0 AM to 1 AM.

But i want to be able to go home, so I do it in my home by remote work.

If I can, I want to do verification at 4AM, but I was impossible.

If I'm forced to do that, I will be not able to work well today.



This is some sort of dirty story,

Last weekend I ate a ton of meat, and I became constipation.

If you love meat, watch out for amout of meat that you eat.





It's getting cold these days.

I feel chill when I only wear a suit.

I should prepare coat.

I abhor freezing.




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  • 2011年10月26日 07:49
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I have to do some chores.

Yesterday I got two notice of absence from carrying company.

Direct translation is difficult.

It say we were here to deliver your goods, but you are absent.

So I need to ask them to deliver it again.

The items are earbud and some books.


And end of this year is coming.

So some friends invite me to join year-end party.

I have to text them to reply.

Some offers are not appealing to me.

So I will lie to some friend to decline invitation.


I need to input those event or schedule into my scheduler.

It'll be bothered.



I want to join another division that doesn't comprise immature person.

I hate a team consisting of childish people 

.Always mature person incur a loss due to doing of immature person.




I had trouble making environment of network verification.

So, I prepared to work all night long yesterday.

But I somehow do enough work to get home.




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  • 2011年10月25日 07:46
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These days, I got involved in sort of creative work.

I joined editrial team of company magazine.

And I have to put a idea of story or contents.

As for usual tasks, our manager want us to release our result of verification to whole our company.


Just showing them our result is easy.

The important thing is what and how we show the result.

And the actions in response to those results are most important.

My co-worker are not good at coming up with good ideas.

I'm also not great with generating ideas.

Difference between me and them is I'll challenge and they won't.


I love challanging environment.

But everyone can adjust themselves to do something.

And then, the thing will become boring.

I couldn't endure that habituation.

I don't want to suffer weariness.


So, I did a search on google about Working Holiday and English school in another country.

I will try to consider my future.



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  • 2011年10月24日 07:57
  • 英語 | 雑記

I renewed my contract of Berliz.

It's a six-month period.

After that, I will reconsider my path of studying.

I need to change myself continuously.This diary itself is change of way of studying.

I am 28 years old. I'm not young anymore. I no longer have extra time to do something.


I love challenging things.

But fighiting with someone or something is tough and painful.

It includes risk of my health.

I have to try to be circumspect and avoid to do what can't be done.

I must not go out of my way and evade impossible things.

It's a matter of balance.




Last class of Berliz was a little frustrating.

The teacher looked shy and she didn't ask us so much.

She is supposed to be professional.

She should spark conversation among us.


Student should set a mood for vibrant conversation too.

But we can't explain complex things yet.

We don't have enough knowledge to speak about complicating things in English.

We have to change our way of thinking to express in English.


Though being simple is important, but sometimes it is very difficult.

When even direct translating can't be done, we can't do anything.

よろしくお願いします is very difficult to translate into English.

I translated it as "I hope our connection will continue."

I looked in dictionary a little while ago, it says "Thank you for your continued help." or "I'm looking forward to doing business with you,"

But the usage depends on circumstances.

In any case, I have to study more expression and memorize a ton of words.




Yesterday, I left my ball at gym,

 I will attend same basketball practice Saturday.

But it will be lost by some chance.




no idea

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  • 2011年10月22日 09:08
  • 英語

Today, I attend 2 English class.

From 10:00 am to 13:00 pm.

Usually, teachers ask us about recent event first.

But I have no idea what I tell them.



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  • 2011年10月20日 07:58
  • 英語 | 雑記

I took a leave from work yesterday.

To tell you the truth, I had a horrible hangover.So, I couldn't go office.

I have done such a thing for the first time in a long time.

I can't remember when I get off work due to hangover.

I really feel down and get depressed about it.

I guess a part of it resulted from bad shape of hangover.


I wrote more but I forgot save again.

MT is shit


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  • 2011年10月18日 07:49
  • 英語 | 雑記

These days I consider joining new basketball team.

Now our team have a practice at night usually on every Thursday or Friday.

But weekday night is valuable time to sleep enough or do something.

So, I want to play basketball Sunday evening.


I try to search recruiting of teammate on Mixi.

But there are a few offers in my region.

Yokohama is a little bit far.

Because this kind of whim is uncommon for me, I would really like to play basketball at nearby gyms.

At Kawasaki or Kamata is better.

I will try to keep looking for. Basketball is fun and, you know, it really helps in losing weight.

( I erase some sentences by mistakenly proceeding pages again...)



I will join training three times during the rest of the year. ( and every class are on Saturday...)

It's about logical approach to problem.

The text say that we must garner correct information about situation first.

And on the basis of that data, we should claim a solution.

It's a common thought and there are nothing special.

But it's pretty difficult when you actually do that.


I have to complete some assingment before the day I attend.

One of that is report about starbuck that plan to joinning market of standing coffee shop.

All of conditions and information are virtual.

Bsides of that, there are two more asingment.

I'm not sure I can finish all of my asignment....

wedding reception

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  • 2011年10月17日 08:01
  • 英語 | 雑記

I attended my friends wedding reception on Saturday.

He is also my colleague, and basketball team mate.

It was hearty bridal. The atomosphere and bride speech caused me cry.

He is yonger than me by a year. But he will definitely make a happy familiy.

Bride looks mature and steady person.


Because of festa on last weekend and this wedding, I missed my Enlighs class two consecutive week.

I hsatily reserved two make up lesson.

But I have to book one more make up.

The right of make up lesson is due this month-end.

It can't carry over to next semester.

So, I decided to cancel short trip to Hatsushima on Oct 29.

And I will sign up for new Enligsh class on Oct 22.


This month I spent a lot of money and because of Berlitz, I will spend more next month.

I can hardly wait my cash reward of certification.

It is going to be paid on December.

I continued to join Enlighs class for half year as of end of this month.

I plan to conitue studying another half year,

If that term is over, I probably graduate from Berlitz and find out more cheap way to study English.

Due to my low competence of Enligsh, I dare to choose expensive way to learn.

Therefore, if I can develop my English skill, I would choose more cheap way.



Octobar is busy month for me.

Actually it's not busy, but I feel hurried and unrestful feelings.

If I can, I want to pass more moderate and peaceful time for the rest of this year.

There are many kinds of pressure on me.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.


run out of things to say

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  • 2011年10月14日 07:59
  • 英語 | 雑記

I am out of ideas.

I think I'm not busy, because I have nothing to say about usual day.

I'm bored. I'm sick of doing same things.

I want to be in a situation where there are a feeling of tension.

There are only dul life and I spoil myself.

Tepid water.

Of course, I'm not sure If I am droped into difficult situation and what I can do.

I detest standstill or stepping.

Besides I want to be needed.

This may sounds selfish, but it's a one of few desire of me.



Today is basketball day.

And one of my teammate will get married and hold wedding.

I have to cut my English class again.

So, I should go to Berlliz and reserve some make up lessons.

And my cotract with Berliz is set to expire this month.

I need to renew my contract.

So, my expenditure will be huge this month.





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  • 2011年10月13日 07:58
  • 英語 | 雑記

Because of long walking at the festa, I got a sunburn.

It's not terrible, but It's not also mild.

I got some rashes on forehead.


I believe suntan will bring me some benefit and blessing.

It may make my looks good.

Some kind of masculinity will no doubt appear,




I plan to join editorial desk of company magazine.

Our bulletin is called "I'll".


Originally, my ex-supervisor invited me half a year ago.

But at that time, I couldn't take offer, because I had another role of planning committee for company forum.

I hosted one of those forum.


Now I finished that task, and my ex-supervisor invited me again a few weeks ago.

I worry about my aptitude for those job.

I bet I don't have adequate ability to make bulletin.

But if there are job that I can contribute, I'm willing to join.

I can meet new company members and will get to know each other.


Thus, I will join drinking party of editorial staff today.

The party will be holded at Shinagawa.

I feel a little nervous about that.

I'm not gregarious or sociable person. ( I often misinterpreted)

performance evaluation

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  • 2011年10月12日 07:42
  • 英語 | 雑記

I have to meet with my supervisor for performance evaluation tomorrow.

The result will affect my bonus.

I'm a hired person. So, I would welcome good evaluation rather than bad one.

But it is different from exam score.

If people evaluate their counterpart, there are no perfect way of evaluate.

I feel empty about that.

For the time being, I attempt to fit in my environment.

But if I got bad evaluation, it would be a good turning point for me.

I want to be part of organization who need me.



I slept for 6 hours, but I got strong drowsiness...

I guess the reason why I'm sleepy is drinking at night.

My inward organs possibly fatigued, because of handling alcohol.



I have two marriage reception to attend and have to pay for English shcool and went back to hometown 2 times.

Definitly I can't put aside any money for the first time in a long time.



English doesn't have convinient word for 久しぶり.

Always I coundn't remember the word in English and I'm botherd.

Also 困る is same as 久しぶり.

I'm bothered or get difficulty or somthing.


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  • 2011年10月11日 07:52
  • 英語 | 雑記

On Saturday and Sunday, Kakegawa city that is my hometown held a festival.

Each 41 local comunity belong to several local shrine, and we cerebrate our happiness and pray for our god.

Although there are many kind of festival in Japan and we love festa, the origin of festival is too old to know about original purpose.

Even local people are not sure about picture of festa, let alone precise fact.

In festivals throughout the country, many prayers are raised for the plentifulness of the fields.

The root of word MATSURI is "Matsuru" in Japanese and "enshrine" in English.

I need to reserach and think about this to explain recent news to our english teacher.


Anyway, I walk to much with float and guzzle a sea of beer and sake.

We woke up at 6 AM, met to prepare float at 7 AM, begin drawing it around between 9 AM and 9 PM.

I was in charge of calling out as loud as i can. Bustling atomosphere is important.

And I'm not sure about rules of festa, because I live in Tokyo normaly.

So, I'm a appropriate person for those kind of role.

I was exhausted and got hoarse,


This year we attend usual festa, but next year will be milestone.

Kakegawa city hold a special fest every 4 years.

It's called OoMaturi.

In that festival, we have addtional day for festa.

Thus, time frame will be extended from 3 days to 4 days.




In these days, I have excessive drinking.

Three concecutive weekend, I attend a drinking party where poeple have chugging likes something of  "Drink up, drink up!" call.

We need some rest.

I feel I always say this phrase.





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  • 2011年10月 6日 07:44
  • 英語 | 雑記

When I think back and look back on my twitter days, I feel nostalgia.

It was good old days.

About 2 years ago, everyone had no connection or a few connection.

Thus, they were eager to get to know each other.

There are no anxiety that friends may ignore you.

Because there are no friends.


Human feelings is interesting.

When people post about something on the internet, all of us long for reply by other people.

If there no reply, people become unhappy and feel a little stress.

More friends there are, more unhappiness they feel.

Humankinds are lonely creature.


So the situation of SNS is changins every seconds.

Twitter and people that use twitter grow old together.

Someday I quit twitter. But I'm not sure about exact time.




By the way, my old colleague in front of me talk to himself too much.

Especially today is nasty.

He come office as early as me.

But he do nothing and sometimes sleep placing his head down on his desk.

I imagine he is forced to wake up early, due to sickness or disorder of sleep.

To be sure, I can feel for him and sympathize him.

But we have no private connection.

We belong to our company to work.

So, too incompetent people only affect our company in a  negative way.

What a pity.

half-day off

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  • 2011年10月 5日 06:28
  • 英語 | 雑記

I didn't have enough time to sleep.

So, I'll take a half-day off. Already I sent email message to inform my absent.




I came into work 12:15.

Because I ate Baumkuchen that was hikidemono of my friend wedding on last Saturday as a brunch, I couldn't eat lunch.

So, I felt hungry as early as 4 PM.

I had to suffer starve. Our cafeteria begin night part at 5 PM


I bet I came down with cold. I felt weak and sluggish this morning.

I plan to play basketball tommorow.

Therefore, I need to keep myself warm and get some rest today.


But yesterday I watched latest version of X-men movie partway. ( I'm not sure this usage of partway is correct.)

I was fun and exciting.

I want to watch rest of movie tonight.



Recently I started using perfume named Chic fo men.

Until then, I used Nicole Miller for men.

The difference is stability and strenghth of scent.

Nicole Miller for men is too weak to be noticed by other people.

But I love that fragrance/




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  • 2011年10月 4日 07:52
  • 英語 | 雑記

I am inclined to be uninterested in anything.most things.

Those are politics, fashion, society, economy, international affairs, suck kind of things.

I know curiosity and interest are important to motivate myself.

People tend to love those who love one.

If you are uninterested in other people completely, nobody care you.


At any rate, it is me.

Current affiars doesn't really matter to me.


But I want to change situation, got energy to do something and become energetic.

So I plan to use this blog to air my notion out.

If there are any news about which I could talk


For exmaple, it's about economy of Europe.

As to economy, I'm a outisder.

I never know correct answer to current trouble.

But I can feel those events are really serious.The scale is a problem.

And I said I don't know correct answers, I think possibly it apply all of humankind.

Current economy have became too big and too complicated to handle by human.


So I just want to know present situation.

But Japanese mass media don't report world economy so much.

We have to learn.

Some media said Goldman Sachs will cut all of bonus for their employee.

And other financial companies are also in bad condition.

The situation is serious.

busy weekend

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  • 2011年10月 3日 07:50
  • 英語 | 雑記

Last weekend was really busy.

On saturdary, I woke up 8 and went to English class at 10 AM.

Because I missed the class two times brefore, I took a make up lesson and attend another class.

Then I took regular lesson after that.

Due to my busy schedule,I have many sI have a bunch of topic to talk about. So those lessons are fulfilling

Everyone ask me why I am dressed in a suit.

I had to explain the reason time and time again.


I finished all class at 1 PM and headed for Shizuoka.

The day was a weddining ceremony and reception of my old friend.

I ate lunch in haste, since I had to arrive Shizuoka till three-thirty.

As a result I was able to make it on time.


Marriage ceremony and reception is really impressive.

My friend is a basketball player and we have played basketball since we were elementary school student.

At the reception, I was suddenly told that I have to make a brief speech and start a movie letter that we made for him.

It made me feel strain. But somehow I could finished.


After reception, some friends of groom arranged a second party.

We enjoy bingo game. But I didn't get anything.

In the end, we were drinking till 3 AM.



On sunday, Our team had a basketball game at Shibuya.

I moved on to Shibuy from Shizuoka 9 AM.

Bullet train was a little packed.

I could't sit on a seat by the time I got next station.

The game was close game, but we won by 10 point.

I have to try hard to become good at basket ball.


And after that, I go to hair salon.

I couldn't help nodding off.


What a weekend.

I am still sleepy.



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  • 2011年9月30日 08:14
  • 英語 | 雑記

I'll write later.





Sleepiness I had this morning was so serious and too strong to resist.

So, I slept with my head on a desk.


There are nothing specials to say.



My laptop computer have back button and proceed button under the Enter button, side of arrow key.

Because of that, I often type those button mistakenly and all of sentences I wrote clear without my intent.

To prevent that tragedy, I save sentence along the way.

LIke this


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  • 2011年9月29日 07:55
  • 英語 | 雑記

A month and a half ago, I lost my confidence.

I got pain of loss.Because I'm still young.

I have begun to get a drink every night.

But gradually, I have been back to normal.


"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me. "

This is a maxim of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I really sympathize with and am impressd with that line.

It was feeling that I felt.

Though here are actually no enemies for me, daily life have taken a toll on my mind.


I appreciate those adversity.

It must make my soul grow, be contribute to my growth.




Today, I have a practice of basketball.

But because of domestic lecture class, I can't go.

Japanese people are inclined to value harmony with other people in office than what you really want to do.

To be honest, that class is some kind of waste of time.

It's about Vmware, but too easy for me.

Well, I want to got overtime money, So it's ok.



Yesterday was busy day. And today will be busy day too.

I have to adjust borrowing equipment to verify trouble and address the root cause of trouble.

That's my job.



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  • 2011年9月28日 07:46
  • 英語 | 雑記

I often watch movie on DVD after work.

Everynight I told me that this is a study of English.

If I could, I would display both English and Japanese captions same time.

English subtitiles really help me to understand conversation in English.

If there were no caption, probably I only could figure half of contents out.


Last night I see The King's Speech.

The story developed coolly and have a detached tone.

I think it won several Academy Awards.

Some critics says the movie distort history.

And I saw some reviews that say the depiction about stammer is totally wrong.

But I don't know well about both history of England and stammer, I can't judge whether criticisms are valid or not.


Anyway I watch that movie to the halfway point.

I am goint to watch the rest of movie.



Everyday I hit the sack by midnight.And I usually wake up at 6 AM.

I always try to secure 6 hours of sleep.

I also succeed that this moring. But I'm sleepy now.

6 hours is not enough to me to work well without daytime nap.

Without nap, I will be at risk of nodding off....


muscle pain

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  • 2011年9月26日 07:46
  • 旅行 | 英語

I went to YAMANAKAKO last weeknend.

We enjoyed fine weather.The sun was warm, but wind was cool.

Thus, the day was suitable for sports.

First day, we played basketball 4 hours!

And arm-wrestling tournament are held. Three-point and free-throw tournament are also done.


After those events, We hosted a charity auction.

Each of us must bring some items for auction.

A portion of sales will be donated to Red Cross for the cost of healthcare for girl who live in Republic of Uganda.

And rest of them will fill budget gap.


This year, there are large numbers of participant than previous years.

Therefore the numbers of auction items are large too.

It took a long time to finish the auction and put the start time of real banquet.

Anyway, we had a good drink till 2 AM.


Second day we played tennis.Tennis is really difficult for me.

I can't hit a ball back well...


We concerned about about huge traffic congestion, because the day when we came home was final day of three day weekend.

Although there are some traffic jam caused by accidents, we can go back home smoothly.


And I feel pain in reg muscle today.

I had fun.







not quit easily

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月23日 15:45
  • 英語

I almost forgot about keeping diary.


Today is japanese public holiday and I am still drunk from last night and woozy.

I had to go hair salon today.But I forgot to call that hair salon to book.

I think the things you forget are not so important. Forgetting something itself proves that the things is trivial.

Anyway, I can rest and unstrain today.


My friend living in OSAKA come back TOKYO tonight.

We intend to get together and drunk.

Unfortunately, I am going to training camp tommorow.

Therefore I have to get up early. I must go GOTANDA at 7 AM.

That is going to be great.


For auction event of training camp, I find electronic dictionary.

( I learned that "electronic" is appropriate. At the beginning, I wrote electric dictionary.)

After I got iPhone, I can look up the meaning with my iPhone. 

I can't find instruction, but it's a minute problem.

We can download that from CASIO's website.


Well, I'll read book.

crowded train

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月22日 07:42
  • 英語

As I and weather report forecast, last night is a tough night.
Hundreds of thousands of people couldn't get on a train, due to train delay.
Rainfall are not so strong, but stormy wind are strong and persistent.


We wait till 8 PM to go home.
Then we planned to go to drinking place in SHINAGAWA, but all of shops are full.
So we gave up to drink and go to station.
Despite that deliberate putting off, SHINAGAWA station deadly packed .
I should have waited a hour more.

Aside from that, I was assigned to training yesterday.
The training that called critical thinking training are supposed to be attend by management employee and some senior employee that are got referral or recommendation from general manager.
In my case, I handled and facilitated company forum two month ago. And I acted as host.
So our board members nominate me.

The trainings will be took place three times and all of that are on Saturday.
Now I go to Berlitz  every Saturday 11.
Iif things keeping up, I have to be absent three times.

But the contract between I and Berlitz is good until end of October.
So I plan to renew my contract and change my date when I attend class.
Just maybe.


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  • 2011年9月21日 08:08
  • 英語 | 雑記

Yesterday I went to GOTANDA and met with basketball friends.

Bcause of impending basketball GASSHUKU or training camp, we need to set up steering commitee.

I'm relatively newcomer, but I've been accepted well. So some chores are assinged to me.

It is pleasure for me.


After meetings, we drunk hard.

I guzzled a lot of red wine. Therefore, I felt like taking half-day off morning.

But when i begun preparing to send Email about half-day off , I suddenly found that typhoon is coming.

This typhoon is really big. Some parts of japan are incredibly in danger.

If I take a half day off, I would not be able togo my office.

Thus I've changed my mind and came to workplace.


Wind and rain is likely to gain strengh gradually.

It worried me whether I can go home after finish time.


Anyway, this week have two public holiday.

I will enjoy traning camp at YAMANAKAKO.

I must be fun.For one thing, I can play basketball.


to lose weight

  • Posted by: three_eight
  • 2011年9月20日 07:53
  • 英語

( I wrote a lot of line, but I mistakenly control my browser and lost all texts...)


I've learned English 4 years.

I can have improved my English a little bit.

Especially about listening and reading skills.

But I have no opportunity that talk or write in English in daily life.

So my Enlighs skills to output seem hit a peak.


Trying to change this situation, I made up my mind to keep diary in English.

Keeping diary in another language is really bother.

But I guss this is most effective way to make my English outputing good.


As of now, I use Movable Type that placed on my website.

I plan to rethink the tool what I use.


This determination is one of my important things.

But I have to continue to try to lose my weight.

Those are issues of will.

I believe I'm good at address those issues. And I want to prove that.





















































あなたは私のムコになる [DVD]
あなたは私のムコになる [DVD]

引き出しの中のラブレター [DVD]
引き出しの中のラブレター [DVD]

96時間 [DVD]
96時間 [DVD]

桜の森の満開の下・白痴 他十二篇 (岩波文庫)
桜の森の満開の下・白痴 他十二篇 (岩波文庫)














坂口安吾の、桜の森の満開の下・白痴 他十二篇を読んだ。































百万円と苦虫女 [DVD] 百万円と苦虫女 [DVD]
蒼井優, 森山未來, ピエール瀧, 竹財輝之助, タナダユキ

ポニーキャニオン 2009-01-30
売り上げランキング : 40

by G-Tools













































1月に受けたTOEICの結果が出ていて、L465 R435で900だった。
















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