Preparing for the interview

Next week, I will have 3 interviews with foreign colleagues and manager.
I plan to move to business unit which is developing network equipment for service providers mainly.

I’m now senior support engineer in support division in Japan, and sometimes we need to involve development team/division to solve the issues and fix the defects.

Development division has a role named deployment/escalation engineer who is responsible to handle internal escalations.

It’s a internal escalation, but those issues will be complicated and critical, since easy cases can be handled by support division by themselves.

Actually, I believe I have enough skills and knowledge to join the escalation team.
Now I working with them to handle the internal escalations from global engineers, and my performance is pretty good actually comparing with other project members.

One of the escalation engineer contacted me and asked if I’m interested in the position will open in Japan. At that time, I already started to communicate with hiring manager, so I just told them about it. He said I’m already at level of escalation engineer and good to have me in his team.

Anyways, I need to prepare 3 interviews.
It looks like a formal process of hiring, and engineer in Spain, Canada, and manager in Texas will be interviewer.

Spanish is a typical engineer. I listened his session in the past, and his English is relatively easy to understand, but he will ask technical questions a lot.

Canadian is more senior engineer, but he is sometimes sloppy, and not so strict person. But his pronunciation is a bit tricky to me.

Manager in Texas is new to me, so I don’t know his personality and English.

Since this is a kind of internal movement from division to division, I can show my capability relatively easy. But for interview, I’m not sure how I can prepare.
If the main topic is technical stuff, the range is really broad. I need to just show my current expertise to them.

But if the question is regarding my thought and concept of values, I may be able to prepare. I think I should prepare those kind of questions at lease…

The story of this blog post is not consistent, and I know that.
I just wrote my thought which is popped up.
I’m not so nervous, but somewhat nervous.

I have great current job/role and it will not be lost if my interviews failed.
But I’d like to challenge new role in new environment.