Dry Run

Have completed the dry run with my current team for the Cisco Live session.
One feed back from closest colleague is participant might feel it’s too much for 2 hour session.
I was feeling so a bit during my practice, though I hid ~10 slides during my practice and time adjustment.

Maybe I need to consider if I can omit the slides further, so that I can take more time for remaining slides.
Still I have 7 days, so should be enough for final phase of practice.

Current enrollments is about 30, and expecting more in last 1 week.
I need to be normal and natural during my session as I did enough practice.


I’ll have a session in upcoming Cisco Live.
Last week I prepared scripts, and started for practicing for the speaking.

And I came to know that practice is most time consuming and I felt some pressure.
Preparing the material and script was also not easy, but speaking naturally with the material is not possible at first time at all, even though I myself prepared the slides.

I took one and half week for the 2hours/100slides session and finally I started to be able to speak naturally for part of the deck.
I spent time till late night and also consume time on weekend for practicing.

Hope I can behave as professional in front of customers in the actual event.


There’s so many people who are blessed and advantaged.
But when you think about if you really want to be that person, and when the answer is no, you will not feel any jealous.
In some cases, I don’t want to be the person even if there’s more advantages come.

But still there’s ideal people from various angles.
And comparing between myself and those people can result in mixed feelings.

el nino phenomenon

It was very warm even at early Nov, but gradually late autumn started to appear as usual.
The moderate temperature in between hot and cold is missing.

I’ve heard it’s due to el nino phenomenon and this time it’s super.
Warm winter is expected, though cold summer didn’t come which should come with el nino.

Rakuten started NBA video shooting service for mobile users.
My elder daughter is using Rakuten Mobille with my account, so I can watch the games.

One scary thing is I couldn’t listen and understand the interview covered between quarter of the basket ball game.
Still native speaker’s English is high bar for me, probably because of linking in pronunciation.

I need to have 2 hours session and possibly there’s questions from the audiences who is native English speaker.
I will also need to discuss with Australian customers as Meet the Expert activity if someone want to have the discussion for SP related technologies.
I hope I can overcome the challenge..


I’m promoted to Technical Leader in my company.
I have kind of mixed feelings.

It should be good thing for me.
It means I’m recognized in the eco-system around me in the company and my organization.
It means more higher salary basically, and my total income would exceed 20M yen depending on the RSU.
It means my new role and grade can have some effect for having influence on other stake holders.

And, my position is very rare and valuable in Japan organization, no one can easily achieve the position.
It’s a kind of special privilege and also I’m in the role for providing support and guidance for all the Japanese stake holders.
I would not have positive feeling for going back to Japan org if there’s good opportunity. Organization itself and people in the org is not so attractive, and looks not capable for me.

But how much can it mean for my life. It’s doesn’t mean a lot.
Anyway I’ll try to continue to expand my influence and presence.