M2 Mac Book Pro

PC refresh on my work started from end of Aug, but I couldn’t complete my order due to system error.
Support from IT is awful and super frustrating.

Finally I expedite the process but they shipped the new laptop for wrong room#.
It’s hard to believe this kind of bad customer experience.

IT support staff even asked me to extend the date for PC refresh, though there’s no guarantee that my issue will get solved by just taking time.

Anyway finally I could get new PC for my work and it’s working well.
Comparing with 2019 Intel MBP 16 inch, it operates smoothly.


I played Startfield.
Though there’s some disappointment, I can enjoy playing the game.
Atmosphere of the town and each location is good and quest is full with interaction with NPC and it contribute to immersive experience.
There’s a lot of things I can do in the world.

But it’s not true open world game as there’s travel between planets and it’s just a load of first travel.
So without first travel, I can’t travel across the world, and this is disappointed.

It’s not for Startfield but another disappointing point is long term development of Bethesda.
I need to wait several more years for each new TES and fallout.
But I want to believe I can play those game one day with enjoyment of playing open world game.


Language barrier and time-zone barrier is tough to overcome.
Getting less chance to get to know each other with people in US naturally.
And even with opportunity, language is great but difficult tool for communication with feelings and emotions.

Race is another factor existing in the communication.
From both race-wise and language-wise, I’m minority in the organization.
Gradually getting use to the environment and culture where we need to declare clearly, but challenges are in reality.

Still busy

It’s time to proceed PC refresh for me in my company.
I continued to use 2019 Intel Mac Book Pro 16 inch.
It’s 3 years and feel so long.

I plan to continue to use Mac, so I submitted my order for M2 Mac Book Pro.
But asset management’s update is it’s short supply and suggestion is submitting order for another model.

It’s quit bureaucratic, and there’s no way I would choose Windows PC because I can just wait.
And I know it’s not so super rare like home-run ball of Ohtani Shohei.
What I’m surprised is there’s no suggestion for waiting and no mechanism to make the ETA transparent.

There’s Hybrid Worker Bundle which is the name of service to give set of PC gadgets and accessories and provided to employee though the cost is charged to the department.
I could get Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, 4k webcam, head-set, Wifi router.
This is great service for employee, but unfortunately flexibility is less, so I can’t choose not to include some devices.
But anyway, this is good.