Nejimakidori Chronicle

Reading Nejimakidori Chronicle again. It’s been a long time since I read this.
The reason is Amazon started to sell kindle version of the novel.

The novel in my memory is a bit boring, because there’s no drastic story lines.
But actually it’s interesting to read and enough exciting to continue to read.

When I was high school student, I read lots of books, as I didn’t participate the classes actively.
I didn’t skip the lessons, but I just read the novels during the classes.

Reading is not easy for me. I should have noticed before.
But I started to be aware that clearly.
Sometimes I feel kind of slump feeling for reading.

Looks training and practice by reading a lot of books is not so helpful for addressing that.


For some reason, I have no strong motivation to spend time from 9-10 pm after putting my daughter to sleep.
I should be able to enjoy something like a novel, comic, game, TV drama, movie, etc.
But there’s nothing special after I finish Starfield.

There’s not much difference between I’m browsing the internet without purpose and, comparing with enjoying those things.
But the interesting fact is that it looks I want to focus on something enjoyable or something worth focusing on to spend my time.


I assume usual day and regular life nowadays is totally different from the day in 30 years ago.

Internet changed everything of our life.
Now it’s super convenient, but we can do comparison at anywhere anytime.

Comparison can be quite strong poison which ruins our happiness.
Based on my experience, the effect toward unhappiness is bigger than the effect to more happy feelings.

If we compare our life with others, there’s always people who have more which might be a things you are seeking and chasing.
Always there’s winner and loser, and comparing by using internet highlight it in very effective way.

Just having our own life becomes difficult due to the technology, due to flood of information.


Stopped playing Startfield and I read the comic, Mystery to Iu Nakare.
Storyline itself is very interesting and mystery is attractive, but most of all, the atmosphere is very unique.

I can be into something including TV drama, game, comic, novels.
But after finishing the particular piece, I feel something vacant and blank transiently, and can loose what I want to do in this free time at night.
Though my time is really limited, and should be very valuable, but I can’t leverage well sometimes.


Tomorrow is sports festival of kindergarten, and need to go to Nitori to check bunk bed for my daughters.
I should have good salary, but my condo located near metropolitan area is not so spacious.
Hence the selection.

Sunday, we go to Osteopathic clinic for body work and my elder daughter has test of private school.
If we have time, I plan to go to sport gym.

Today I went to sport gym before picking up my daughter after private school.
Full with schedule, and no free time for personal stuff.