I could focus on the submission for my proposal to external conference. It’s good.

Not much news from my usual days.
Sometimes I feel like I’m just spending all my time for working and taking care of my daughters.
It’s not true and now I can write down this blog, but sense and feeling is not so logical.

Future will be less exciting?
Sounds it’s not correct.
But at least time is getting valuable day by day.

External event

Manager suggested me to have a session in upcoming external customer event in Melbourne.
Being a speaker is my dream so no issue from that angle.

But it will have strict screening and review, so there’s no guarantee that I can be a speaker.
In addition to that, manager disclosed the information to my team as I’ll pursue the opportunity, as a result.
With Japanese thought process, this is not good, since it might be a kind of humiliation or embarrassing if I failed to be a presenter.

But anyways, there’s no other way from being positive and constructive.

muscle ache

Had 2 events this weekend.

Held home party with ex-teacher of kindergarten and with family friend in same condo.
Children also enjoyed gathering and played around in my house.

Visited Country Farm Tokyo German Village by using coupon from benefit station.
It was very hot weather, but still manage to play outside.
It was not a good season for watching flowers, but the visit was good lesson learn that the park is good place to visit with family.

I found basket goal and played some, and now having muscle ache.

For some reason, bluetooth adapter integrated onto the motherboard started to work again.
Because of this, I had some trouble with other USB bluetooth adapter, but now it should be all good.

health checkup

Commuted to the office after certain or maybe long interval.
This kind of event or chore is only reason to visit workspace, since now I can’t meet with my foreign colleagues in person.

Instead of that, I could meet with my original hiring manager.
I recall job interview and other related experience with her about 10-11 years ago with some mixed feelings.
But now I can be proud of myself in front of her, and I think that’s good.

I wouldn’t expect severe result from health checkup today, but I need to keep being careful about my health.
Need to keep going sport gym to do some exercise at least.


Turning 40 and concept of value is getting changed.
When I was young, I thought like time is not limited, but recently noticing it was not true.
It shouldn’t be true from the beginning so I was wrong from the very first, but our sense/feeling doesn’t work like robot/computer.
So there’s always misperception and false feelings.

Literally the end of my life is coming though it’s not very near.
So time is getting valuable more and more.

We can’t go back into the past.
But we can’t be aware of what it’s like in future until we actually get older.

By thinking about these kind of things, I feel like I can understand more about human imperfection.

black mirror

Have watched black mirror episode 2 / season 6 on Netflix.
The series is not my big favorite but not boring to me and watched all the episodes so far.

To watch the video “silently”, I tried to use my earphone but looks it can work well with bluetooth USB adapter on windows10.
I tried to solve, but couldn’t find any solution.
Trying drivers, using different USB ports, trying to find change bluetooth codec on windows10(but actually this is not possible).

Anyway I gave up and started to use wireless head-phone, so no issues from the beginning if I just chose this option.
But each option can be chosen with or without the reason, and this kind of thing can happen anytime at anywhere.

Super Mario Bros

Today is parent’s day of kindergarten and visited the open class to see my younger daughter’s paper work.

Then we went to movie theater to watch The Super Mario Brothers Movie together.
Daughters really looked forward this event and looks totally satisfied with the movie and also the pop-corn and coke.

I myself also enjoyed watching the movie.
The sense of humor is good for me. I couldn’t help but laughed couple of times.

In addition to those, today was father’s day actually, but as usual I prepared breakfast for my daughters and fed them it.
A bit hectic day but I understand we need this kind of day with family.