Rainy season came late

It’s been 6 month after new year.
It will be a season for sea bathing soon.

My elder daughter started to use glasses as her eyesight is getting worse.
She likes her glasses as she thinks it’s cute.
It should have good impact on her all the activity as weak eyesight can cause lots of trouble.
It can be due to mobile devices but I also understand it’s genetic one and can be inherited from parents and grand parents.

I hope the price of my company’s stocks will be increased soon.
The proportion of shares in my asset is increasing and the cash is decreasing.
But I don’t want to sell the stocks at the price lower than the price recorded in the past.

I turned 41 this month.


I understand I should be satisfied with my current job.

The salary is great and I don’t know other Japanese/foreign company in Japan which can provide same level of compensation.
There can be depending on the role, but I understand the number of open position is not huge and need strong career history, capability or skill set.

I can still work from home without any issue on completing my job.
And no one try to make me commute to the office as I’m only person working in Japan for my entire business unit.

The compliance and work environment is good.
There’s no jerks who attack and offend me, and managers/leadership is always trying to care my mental health.

The environment is challenging and still there’s a lots of things I can learn.

But still labor is labor. I don’t want to spend my time for work.
I finally figured out this is baseline.

I’m not sure but my work is associated with huge pressures for problem resolution.
And this can be source of stress.

I’m not sure if once this point is improved, I can be work lover.
Or still labor is labor.