Went to Aquarium located in Ibaraki/Oarai.
Then, I ate anglerfish hot pot as lunch, then we enjoyed hot spring.

It’s been a while/sometime for driving to a bit far place (took 2hours or more) as single-day trip.
I believe this type of experience is helpful from various perspective for human being.

Last week was not good actually.
Maybe my health condition was not good, too, as mental and body health is linked.

This type of experience remind me that forgetting non-good stuff is very important capability of us.
Once we forget, the thing or people, experience itself will disappear in my life.

Kou Machida

I’m not a big fun of Kou Machida.
But I’m reading his book “私の文学史 なぜ俺はこんな人間になったのか?” and find this quite interesting.

What I come to know is he is deep thinker about literature.
This itself might be super obvious as he is professional.
But without considering those background, and I just thinks what he is thinking and saying is gripping.

He is saying true thing is intriguing.
And this is applicable to what he wrote, I think.


My company announced 5%(4000 headcount) layoff this week.
This itself is not so special. Same volume of restructuring was done also last year.

But what special is my closest colleague in Australia got impacted this time.
He has 2 month time to decide next step.

Might be selfish but this impact on me as well, and a lot.
Since he is the only co-worker having weekly call and we can have casual talk and joking as well.
And I don’t have those kind of friendly relations with other “foreign” colleagues.

I still have co-worker in other department or ex-team in Japan org.
But that’s a bit different.

I feel sort of depression by this news.