My daughters will start their summer vacation in 1 week.

In the past, my wife and daughters go to her hometown as soon as possible after the summer vacation starts.
But this year, my elder daughter will have summer classes of private school.
And she only has 8-9 days off surprisingly.
Each day, the private school is arranged only in morning, but same kind of summer vacation is not possible this year due to the limited days off.

Still we will go back to each home town in Obon period.
But biggest problem is I can’t stay in home alone in summer time.
That was kind of special experience for me and only possible in summer vacation period.
Now it’s going to be impossible as well.

But when I consider it from different POV, I come to know that such kind of past vacation will be not common as well even without private school.
When I was child, I have sports activity every weekend, and more in vacation period.
When it comes to junior high school student, staying 3 weeks in home town is already not common.

Environmental sounds

It’s a good time and we can find free environmental sounds on the internet.
I’m just listening the sound of rain, and it’s comfortable to read books.

Read the book by 中島らも again.
Actually I didn’t remember the exact content.
But after finishing it, I understand that I did indeed read the book long before.

Actually this is something unique feeling.
The trigger for this feeling is not so easy to pull, so the preparation for this feeling is not so easy.
You have to read the good book first, then you have to wait 10-20 years so that memory to fade.

It’s always good to read the good books again.

Rainy season came late

It’s been 6 month after new year.
It will be a season for sea bathing soon.

My elder daughter started to use glasses as her eyesight is getting worse.
She likes her glasses as she thinks it’s cute.
It should have good impact on her all the activity as weak eyesight can cause lots of trouble.
It can be due to mobile devices but I also understand it’s genetic one and can be inherited from parents and grand parents.

I hope the price of my company’s stocks will be increased soon.
The proportion of shares in my asset is increasing and the cash is decreasing.
But I don’t want to sell the stocks at the price lower than the price recorded in the past.

I turned 41 this month.


I understand I should be satisfied with my current job.

The salary is great and I don’t know other Japanese/foreign company in Japan which can provide same level of compensation.
There can be depending on the role, but I understand the number of open position is not huge and need strong career history, capability or skill set.

I can still work from home without any issue on completing my job.
And no one try to make me commute to the office as I’m only person working in Japan for my entire business unit.

The compliance and work environment is good.
There’s no jerks who attack and offend me, and managers/leadership is always trying to care my mental health.

The environment is challenging and still there’s a lots of things I can learn.

But still labor is labor. I don’t want to spend my time for work.
I finally figured out this is baseline.

I’m not sure but my work is associated with huge pressures for problem resolution.
And this can be source of stress.

I’m not sure if once this point is improved, I can be work lover.
Or still labor is labor.

Time OFF

I realize days off is very important especially with hard work which having huge pressure or challenges, stressful conversation with any stakeholders.
Even if we lose our motivation and energy for confronting the challenges, having 2 days off is greatly helpful for us to “forget” the stress.
And we can feel like we can work from scratch.

Ideally I don’t want to have those kind of stressful work but sometimes we don’t have choice.
Not having proper time off is serious problem for human being to live normal life.

Sleeping early is complicated.
We need enough sleep as it’s part of proper time off.
But if we sleep early, tomorrow will come early.

Recently my work is hectic and having challenge, hence I had this kind of thought process.

Some Free Time

I’m having some free time as usual in the night after putting my daughters to sleep.
The time is limited and my options is not so broad.

Job/work – I don’t want to spend time in my free time.
Game – sometimes I can be into some nice games, but I don’t have anything in particular today.
TV/Radio – Not having favorite program.
Book/Comic – I just finished reading Three Body Program X, and not having strong candidate.
Netflix/Amazon Prime – I just finished watching Three Body Program. For the rest, nothing exciting I could find.

I did spend this 40min for the job as while I’m trying to post this article, as some topic caught my attention..

Tough Monday

It was tough Monday.
I needed to host a meeting with some senior directors to set a direction for super challenging topic.

I don’t believe what I tried is meaningful. I did try it and had meeting just because it’s what my boss’s boss’s boss wanted.

But I also understand it’s beneficial for me to explore the unknown solution in tough challenge.
It will result in my visibility and there’s still chance I can move the situation.
My directors should be happy to see their stuff is working on their request.
And I can reinforce my capability to kick and lead the discussion with senior members in English.

Though I can’t say my English was good enough.

The Three-Body Problem

Watching the drama of The Three-Body Problem on Netflix.
Currently I’m seeing episode 6.

Looks the plot is nicely modified and reconstructed.
And the drama reminds me how the video/footage is powerful to share the information.
I read all the 3 series of The Three-Body Problem, but I must admit I’m not sure I understand all the things to the details.

I have 1 spin-off novel which is unread.
Maybe the drama series is helpful to enjoy the spin-off.

Golden Week

Golden Week 2024 was over.
Summer vacation and year-end shutdown will also end soon.

Resumed Twitter to try to use the SNS, but can’t spend much time so far.

Planning to buy a new car, but it’s expensive even though the target car is not a luxury one.
I can’t buy a car freely even with my current salary.
Being rich is super difficult and only allowed for small amount of people.

Having relatively high amount of US dollars.
Hope to get the situation where yen get weaker and weaker for temporary time.


I’m becoming insensitive and dull to everything, and generally goodbyes are also no exception as I get older.
But still every farewell can be different and can be special to me. If that specific farewell is special, it can be impactful on me.
I was forced to acknowledge it this month.

Life goes on and on until I die, along with any super impactful events or experience.
Anyway, my life is not so peculiar, there’s no drastic experience like war (so far), and no killing each other.

If I compare each period/stage of my life, I believe now is the happiest one.
I have most of the things I need and definitely I’m privileged from all aspects.

But still I don’t have one thing.