Winter is ending and Spring is beginning.
We went to Izu and Nagano as 2-day family trip in 2 consecutive weeks.

Originally we visited Izu, then it was fortunate for us to find out the blank room in recreation facility of Kanto IT Kenpo.
The price is super reasonable, so we decided to have family traveling also for last weekend.

Pixel 8 Pro is great device for photo shooting.
I like the experience.

On the other hand, my wife forgot her PIN for Ahamo contract.
We are awaiting paper notification from NTT Docomo.
It’s quite inconvenient and actually it’s non-sense to let customer use ancient PIN configured 25 years ago.


Ordered Pixel 8 Pro for me and Pixel 8 for my wife.
We have used iPhone 11 and XR over 4 years, and I think now can be the timing for renewing as Google Stores is offering discount and some refund via store credit.

My wife is positive for the purchase yesterday, but today she turned to negative mode. It’s opposite mood.
She is nervous about the change of operation system as she is not good at catching up IT stuff.
But the problem is I already ordered mine yesterday, and today was the timing to order her Pixel8 by using 50k yen worth credit.

Anyway I ordered for her as well.
Hope she won’t get hysteric.

Tax Return

Finished filing tax return.
Thanks to RSU and ESPP, I had quite big income except for usual salary and bonus, and I need to pay taxes a lot. Around 1M yen.

My total salary crossed 20M in 2023 first time.
This can be one mile stone.
But this doesn’t mean much for my life.
I can expect there’s not much meaning or impact on my life if my income exceed 25M or 30M.
Still I need to work in case with those “small” amount of money.

Quality of life is not so depending on money.
This is common sense for matured people, but I learned finally at age of 40.