I’m becoming insensitive and dull to everything, and generally goodbyes are also no exception as I get older.
But still every farewell can be different and can be special to me. If that specific farewell is special, it can be impactful on me.
I was forced to acknowledge it this month.

Life goes on and on until I die, along with any super impactful events or experience.
Anyway, my life is not so peculiar, there’s no drastic experience like war (so far), and no killing each other.

If I compare each period/stage of my life, I believe now is the happiest one.
I have most of the things I need and definitely I’m privileged from all aspects.

But still I don’t have one thing.


Drama series of Fallout was released on Prime Video.
I’m a big fun of fallout series, so finished watching 8 episode within this week.

When I recall, fallout4 was most exciting open world game for me.

I could boot up the fallout4 again, but some of the MOD is outdated.
So I deleted all the save data and MODs.

It might take some time to install set of MODs, and I’m not sure I can take time.
But playing falllout4 again is one of the item in my TODO list.

Wired Headphone

Bought open type & wired headphone of Audio Technica.
Quite comfortable even keep wearing, and good sound comparing with wireless devices.

I also bought USB DAC last month and the sound quality is good, though I don’t have much experience and capability to distinguish good and bad quality.
But anyway I can enjoy the experience.

Plan to buy USB DAC which can be used for PC speaker as well.

When I drink too much beer or other alcoholic beverages, I can easily get sleepy.
This might be due to the aging.
I could have 10+ hours sleep on this Saturday and Sunday.
But it’s a regrettable not to use time for personal activities.