As I need to have session in Cisco Live Melbourne in Dec, I need to prepare slides.
Since it’s 2 hours session I need to create lots of slides.

The challenge is I’m not a true expert on the topic.
So I’m counting on internal references.

I need to digest all the materials and references to extract kind of valuable resources for external customers.
This is fun but take certain time.

I could prepare 30+ slides in this 3 days, but target wold be 150+ as refined ppt.
Then I can keep only good slides and reduce it to about 100.

Need to work in late night and weekend.

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is over.
I stayed in both my hometown and my wife’s hometown and finally returned home yesterday.

I was able to enjoy about 2 weeks of bachelor life and could have nice family bonding with parents and grandparents.
I think this is necessary for everyone in my family, even if it’s a bit tiring sometimes.

A lot of work awaits me and today was a busy day including 1on1 with my boss’s boss’s boss.
He kindly asked me about my stress level and he mentioned that it should be 0.
And he also advised me to take things easy as we need time to both accelerate to full speed and to decelerate from full speed.

This year should be a good year as my company announced 20-year high company performance factor which is used to calculate bonus.
It should indicate that there should be enough budget for promotion and salary increase.


Looks I’m being able to reduce my weight.
At this moment, it’s just about 2kg.

But I’m relatively sure that I’m reducing weight in reality, since I confirmed my weight kept being 105kg very stably.
I tried to go to gym to do exercise, and keep trying to leverage Base Bread to avoid overeating.
Looks this is working.

From 16th, I’m going to visit my wife’s hometown but I really want to reduce my weight, so will try not to take much calories.

High Fever

Looks I caught cold from day before yesterday, and developed fever up to 38.6 degrees.
Now the fever got reduced to 37.5, but I still feel unwell to some extent.

It’s bad not being able to go to gym due to sickness.
Especially recently, I could reduce my weight thanks to the exercise and making use of Base Bread.
So I want to continue to work out.

For some reason, this type of sentence in English is not so easy to compose for me.
Maybe it’s so much related to the style of English I used in my job.

So this blogs should mean a lot.

Cisco Live Melbourne

Cisco Live is external premier event for customer hosted by my company.
And I submitted my proposal for one of the technical session for customer.

Today I got contact as my submission was accepted, so this is good news for me though this will make me busier.
The problem is I proposed to have session for platform A or platform B but content team requested me to cover both platform as 2-hour session.

2-hour is long especially in case of providing technical session and timeline for preparation is strict as the material due date is 2nd half of Oct.

Anyway, this is positive news which motivated me to some extent, and I will be able to go to Melbourne in Dec.

Bachelor Life

My wife and daughters went back to their hometown yesterday.
So now I can enjoy single life and all the time is available only for me.

Yesterday I went to Yakitori restaurant where I’m regular customer.
But the mistake is I drink too much maybe.

After coming back home, I was so sleepy and went to bed at 8:30 PM.
I’m growing and alcohol is now having much impact on me.

Today I went to gym, and only had 2 bottle of beer, so so I still can be awake.

First 2-3 days is super enjoyable, but will have bored feeling usually.
Probably I forgot how I can spend my time only for myself.