new year

I had 4 interviews late Dec, but still I’m waiting the result from the manager.
He said he will start to collect feed backs and get back to me in a few days last Sunday, but already an week passed.

As usual, I keep learning English in online English school.
Sometimes I suddenly felt like I can’t develop myself and improve English.
It’s a really long journey, but only way to moving forward is continuing.

I need to expand my active vocabulary.
I’m not familiar with leaning method, but to extend the active vocabulary, I may need to learn more passive vocab.
I searched some website which provide English audio/video with transcript.
Will try some during the work.

The time is really limited.
I can’t play game if I learn English.
But I wan to buy new Desktop PC with powerful GPU.
I’ve been using current PC over 5 years, and everyday I think it’s a time to purchase new PC.

Seems I can’t make a long/consistent story.

I got used to create simple sentences because of my work.
I need to train and try to use grammar and vocab that I can’t use freely now.
But till this part, I only used English dictionary one time.
Seems not effective as training.

To address the issue, I may need to use kind of topic talk method.
Choosing one topic and state about the topic in English.
But it’s bothering.