Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is over.
I stayed in both my hometown and my wife’s hometown and finally returned home yesterday.

I was able to enjoy about 2 weeks of bachelor life and could have nice family bonding with parents and grandparents.
I think this is necessary for everyone in my family, even if it’s a bit tiring sometimes.

A lot of work awaits me and today was a busy day including 1on1 with my boss’s boss’s boss.
He kindly asked me about my stress level and he mentioned that it should be 0.
And he also advised me to take things easy as we need time to both accelerate to full speed and to decelerate from full speed.

This year should be a good year as my company announced 20-year high company performance factor which is used to calculate bonus.
It should indicate that there should be enough budget for promotion and salary increase.


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