el nino phenomenon

It was very warm even at early Nov, but gradually late autumn started to appear as usual.
The moderate temperature in between hot and cold is missing.

I’ve heard it’s due to el nino phenomenon and this time it’s super.
Warm winter is expected, though cold summer didn’t come which should come with el nino.

Rakuten started NBA video shooting service for mobile users.
My elder daughter is using Rakuten Mobille with my account, so I can watch the games.

One scary thing is I couldn’t listen and understand the interview covered between quarter of the basket ball game.
Still native speaker’s English is high bar for me, probably because of linking in pronunciation.

I need to have 2 hours session and possibly there’s questions from the audiences who is native English speaker.
I will also need to discuss with Australian customers as Meet the Expert activity if someone want to have the discussion for SP related technologies.
I hope I can overcome the challenge..


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