Home Town

It’ll be time to go back to my and my wife’s hometown.
It’ll be over very soon as usual.

My elder daughter go to private school, so 29th Dec is the day to go back.
And my wife’s home town will be first destination as usual.

This is mainly why my wife can leverage laundry machine located in her home.
She is not so comfortable to use the cloth washer in my home.

There’s very limited stress, but it doesn’t mean I’m living in dream world.
Still I’m living with my reality, and I started to notice this reality part will not be changed drastically even with more money.
Even if I’m billionaire, still most part of my reality will be same and I need to spend my time in my life.

I turned 40 this year.
My job carrier is moving toward the finale as half of my career was done.

There’s no meaning in the each person’s life and reality, but still we can discover the meaning (even though it’s not existing).
This might be the next target in next round of my life.


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